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No description

Wendy Mai

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Autism

Rain Man

What is Autism?
Role Playing
Understanding Rain man
A serious, lifelong and incurable developmental disability
Asperger Syndrome
A form of Autism
Higher functioning with at least average intelligence
Fewer problems, but difficulties still exists
Some live relatively independently, others may experience difficulties and need a lifetime of specialist support.
Over- or under-sensitivity to sense.
Extremely disruptive antisocial behaviour
Scenario 1: Classroom
Setting: Classroom
Autistic student(s)
Scenario 1: Solutions
Set a clear schedule
Explain the rationale clearly and fully
System (detailed)
Specific affirmation
Why 'Understanding Rain Man'?
Affects communication skills
Affects how they make sense of the world around them
Spectrum Condition
Share certain difficulties
Condition affects the individuals in different ways
- Arts and Craft class.
- Autistic students are to draw a cartoon using shapes and teachers are to guide them
Myth or Fact?
Autism can be turned off and on at will
and is a result of bad parenting.

Autism is uncontrollable. It is a part of that person.

autism is caused by a variety of conditions that affect brain development. There is no evidence that (Bad) parenting is a cause for autism.
People with autism have feelings and show affections.

People with autism can and do give affection.

However, due to differences in sensory processing and social understanding, the display of affection may appear different from neurotypical people.

Understanding and acceptance of these differences is the key.
All people with autism have the same condition

Autism is a spectrum disorder it ranges from mild to severe cases. The type of autism also differs from person to person.
Children with autism can grow out of their condition

Children do not 'outgrow' autism but symptoms may lessen or change as the child develops and receives educational interventions.
Many children with autism do not get the education they need and deserve

The number of autistic schools in Singapore cannot accommodate all the children in autism.
Many are still on a waiting list

After role-playing, what do you think are some of the things autistic people are good at or can be good at?
Good Memory
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