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Social Media

No description

Taylor1 Reid

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Social Media

Bluefin Media's Social Media Marketing Plan
What can we build on
Lets get started!
*Build Relationships
*Brand Bluefin Media
*Learn about our Viewers

Social Media

need a Facebook account created.
*Example of good Facebook panel
has a Facebook and is posting daily updates with the latest celeb gossip, news and entertainment.
All of the entertainment network sites need a Facebook logo button on their actual site.
*Start uploading our original videos to Facebook within the video tab in our panel.
*With the new head shots we took of the Bluefin team, we should feature our editors on our Facebook page somehow. We could possibly feature them in an exclusive photo album and build a bio within the caption.
, and
all need an Instagram account created.
*All of the entertainment network sites need an Instagram logo button on their actual site.
* Include our site URL's in our about section on Instagram to bring viewers back to our website.
*Posting a picture about every 3-4 hours throughout the workday will keep our viewers interested.
*Examples of pictures may include breaking news/gossip, pictures from an award show, celebrities, a picture that may not reveal much so that the viewer has to go to our actual site to read/see more, etc.
*Share behind the scene photos! For example we could go into the green screen room and take a behind the scenes picture of Ashley or Charlotte filming a video clip.

, and
need a Pinterest account made.
*All of the entertainment network sites need to have a Pinterest logo button on their site.
*The importance of Pinterest is to have the viewer click on the picture they like and bring them to our site.
*Why is Pinterest suitable for the entertainment networks?
*Entertainment Tonight provides a great example as to why we should go forth with a Pinterest account for the Entertainment networks.
*Great for traffic!
*Connect our account with Facebook and Twitter accounts. This will help us gain followers.



need a Twitter account.
Gossip Center has a TWO Twitter accounts. @TheGossipCenter account needs to be deleted. @GossipCenter19 is the right account.
*Build bio similar to E! News.
*We should tweet about 4-5 times a day to start off with to engage our new followers to let them know we are active.
*Include a link to our home page
*Keeping tweets short and simple but enticing is the approach we want to take.
*The average lifespan of a tweet is about 2 hours.
Recipe Corner has a Facebook and we keep up with it daily.
DIY Food needs to re-create the entire Facebook page and make it into a fan page instead of a personal account.
*We need to constantly change the cover photo. About every week or two, we can update the picture to give viewers something new to look at.
*Creating photo albums of our recipes on Facebook would be a good idea. This allows the viewer to view our recipes in organized categories and makes it easier to find what they are looking for.
*Notice Food Network incorporated a video album too. This would be a great idea for us also.
DIY Food needs an Instagram account created.
*There needs to be an Instagram logo button on their actual sites.
*We should be posting a picture about every 3-4 hours to keep our viewers interested.
*Asking interactive questions is what the viewers like. They like to be involved.
*Drives viewers to our home page!
*Take a picture of the best lunch/dessert that day in the office. This will engage our followers. It is a way to be more personal with them.
Recipe Corner has a Pinterest account, but needs to be built on more.
DIY Food needs a Pinterest account.
*There needs to be the Pinterest logo button on their actual sites.
*Update our album names. We need to create more interesting titles.
*Add Twitter and Facebook to our Pinterest page!
*Food is the fastest-growing category on Pinterest. It's also the category that gets the most repins, generating on average more than 50% repins than any other category (Mashable).
* Make sure every picture we add directs the viewer straight to our home page (Recipe Corner/DIY Food).
Recipe Corner and DIY Food both have Twitter accounts set up but no content and very few followers.
*We need a Twitter logo button on both of their actual sites.
*Our bio section should look similar to Food Networks. It is complete and simple.
*We have a variety of audiences. Make sure to keep everyone in mind. And it never hurts to ReTweet a fan!
*Include links to each home page after each tweet.
*Offer our followers with "tips of the day" regarding food, healthy eating, grocery tips, or basic kitchen tips.
*We can customize our navigation bar to look similar to Lauren Conrad's. It is clean cut and simple.
*Every single Fashion site needs a panel to other social networks on their Facebook accounts.
*The Beauty Girl, DIY Fashion, & High Fashion Magazine have a Facebook account.
*Cover photos need to be updated more often. For example the latest fashion trends could be featured, new beauty products, or display clothes worn on the runway from fashion weeks around the world.
*To keep our viewers engaged, ask interactive questions for feedback.
*Create an exclusive album with our Fashion editors' behind the scenes photos to put a face to the articles. People enjoy seeing who they are getting their information from when they read our content to see if there is a real beauty expert behind the computer screen.
*Editors and employees need to promote on their own personal Facebook accounts to gain likes.
*We could create a contest with our Facebook fans. In order for them to qualify they would have to go directly to the website to enter their email. Once we have their email we can send them press releases, future promotions, and updates about the site daily.
*Jessica is promoting DIY Fashion almost everyday on her own personal Facebook.
*You can now view your Instagram feed from the web. DIY Fashion displays a great example of the new layout. Every site should utilize Instagram because it keeps growing.
*There needs to be an Instagram logo button on DIY Fashion and The Beauty Girl's site.
*Nicole Pearl has a personal Instagram but not an active account for The Beauty Girl.
*High Fashion Magazine and DIY Fashion have an Instagram account.
*To fully engage with our followers on Instagram we can create a Instagram contest. We could follow the way this girl approached a format to entice the user.
*We should ask our followers to post a picture of their #outfitoftheday and tag @officialDIYfashion or @highfashionmagazine to be entered to have their picture featured on our site.
*Great for interaction: Share a picture a day of the best outfit, best shoes, best accessories, or outerwear around the office.
*Share behind the scenes photos that are exclusive to our followers only.
*Be sure to include our sites' URL as often as possible and when necessary.
*DIY Fashion & High Fashion Magazine have a Pinterest but they need to be more active.
*Nicole Pearl has a personal Pinterest account but The Beauty Girl site does not have an account.
*The Beauty Girl and High Fashion Magazine have a Facebook logo button but DIY Fashion needs one.
*The Beauty Girl & High Fashion Magazine have a Pinterest logo button but DIY Fashion needs one.
*search.twitter.com will give us access to follow people with our same interest and hope for a follow back.
*Utilize the search feature. Anything that we post needs to have captions with multiple key words to enhance our return on pictures people search.
*The 'Pin it' button NEEDS to be available after every picture or article on our Fashion sites.
*You can go to Pinterest and get an HTML code to place the 'Pin it' button on all the images we have coming from our site.
*Keep titles of our albums short but appealing.
*Add home page links in our descriptions to direct followers to our site.
*Remember to comment back and like other pins.
*The Beauty Girl and High Fashion Magazine have Twitter logo buttons but DIY Fashion needs one.
*All of the fashion sites have Twitter accounts.
*Utilize the trends section of Twitter. Whatever may be trending at the moment, be sure to incorporate that hash tag in a tweet if it's relevant.
*Include our home page links and pictures as often as possible.
*To start off, tweeting 5-10 times a day will keep the users engaged and informs them that we are active.
*Promote our contests through Twitter to gain more participants.
*Google Plus is growing rapidly and every site should have a Google Plus account.
*Every site needs to have a Google Plus logo button on the navigation bar.
*Jump on the bandwagon early. We need a head start while everyone will realize later. Start building relationships on Google Plus now.
*Google Plus info is dominated by quality content that is professional and informational. This allows for more personal and direct relationships.
*Google Plus also plays a major role in search engine optimization (SEO) by making it easier for our sites to show up in search results.
*Google Plus has a great feature called Circles. This is awesome because if you want to share updates with your viewers, but don't want to bother your co-workers with those updates, you can set up a specific Google Plus Circle for your viewers.
*Tumblr contains lots of social sharing – it has the power to attract a ton of traffic to our websites.
*Each website needs a Tumblr logo button.
*Tumblr allows you to microblog, which means that you can share your posts quickly and easily with your social communities.
*If you use Tumblr, you can post images, videos, links and more, directly to the platform – without having to add in any content. This would be great for the DIY Food and Recipe Corner especially.
*You’re guaranteed to find some of your niches biggest bloggers using Tumblr. They’re super simple to become friends with, and that means better business networks.
*Tumblr is very easy to use, notice the simple nav. bar.
*You can promote other social media sites on Tumblr.
Internal Contest
*Employees Tweet, Facebook, Pin, Blog, and post to Instagram through their personal accounts.
*Each time they promote our sites through their personal account they would get a point to earn towards a prize.
*We know the benefits that come with using social media help us gain insight about our users and bring more traffic to our sites.
*This presentation is geared more towards capitalizing on what we currently have and how social media can enhance it.
*This presentation could also be used as a learning tool for our editors and future interns as a reference.
*Add photo album categories of celebrities.
Where we are...
Where we want to go...
Where we are...
Where we want to go....
Where we are.....
Where we want to go...
Where we are...
Where we want to go....
Where we are...
Where we want to go.....
Where we are...
Where we want to go...
Where we are....
Where we want to go...
Where we are...
Where we want to go....
Where we are....
Where we want to go...
Where we are...
Where we want to go...
Where we are...
Where we want to go...
Where we are...
Where we want to go...
Where we want to go...
Where we want to go...
*Build Brand Advocates (Super Fans). Example: Lady Gaga and her "monsters".
The Big Picture
*Our goal is to not only brand each network, but to also create an image of Bluefin Media.
*Social Media will...

*Reduce Marketing & Customer Service Expenses

*Increase Revenue

*Increase Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

*Increase Awareness of the Bluefin Media Brand
Facebook's aqcuisition of Instagram is a good indication of how big it's getting and the potential profits it can bring.
Center has a Pinterest account. We need to add and update content more often.
*Travis' Mobile App for Recipe Corner's Social Share game will allow users to post photos that can be distributed across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Tumblr.

*“Just Cooked,” “Just Read,” and “Just Watched” functions can be distributed across Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus as status updates to help the gamer earn points and give credit to Recipe Corner.
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