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No description

Jenny Rechlicz

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of CHIP

Chapter Instructional Plan 5th Grade - Social Studies By: Jenny Rechlicz Chapter 14 - Divided Country Preparation Reading Autobiography
Inventory of Reading Interests
Study System Assistance Vocabulary Lesson
Three Level Guide
Cube Reflection Critical Thinking Paradigm
Question Answer Relationship
Content Area Reading Inventory
Idea Bank Rationale Standard 7: Teacher possesses knowledge of educational foundations and skill at instructional planning.

Standard 1: Teacher knows subject content.

Standard 4: Teacher knows how to teach.

Standard 8: Teacher knows how to assess and evaluate student learning •School: Lincoln Elementary
•Grade: 5th
•Subject: Social Studies
•Chapter: 14
•Pages: 462-489
•Student Demographics:
-24 Students
-13 Girls; 11 Boys
-22 Caucasian
-2 African Americans
-1 ADHD Student
-8 Gifted and Talented Background Information Knowledge:
1.TSW describe the differences between the Northern States and Southern States.
2.TSW describe the ways African Americans resisted slavery.
3.TSW identify the ways slavery threatened to tear the United States apart.

1.TSW create a Prezi on an assigned historical figure during the 1800’s.
2.TSW demonstrate their understanding of main ideas and supporting details.

1.TSW realize the impact famous Americans had on America during the 1800’s.
2.TSW appreciate the freedom they have in America today. Learning Goals Essential Questions 1. What happened in the past?
2. How can we learn from the past? Social Studies:
•B.8.7 Identify significant events and people in the major eras of United States and world history.
•B8.6 Analyze important political values such as freedom, democracy, equality, and justice embodied in documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights

Reading/Language Arts:
•D.8.1 Develop their vocabulary and ability to use words, phrases, idioms, and various grammatical structures as a means of improving communication.
•F.8.1 Conduct research and inquiry on self-selected or assigned topics, issues, or problems and use an appropriate form to communicate their findings.
•A.8.4 Read to acquire information.

•E.8.1 Use computers to acquire, organize, analyze, and communicate information. •E.8.5 Analyze and edit media work as appropriate to audience and purpose. Wisconsin State Standards Pre-Assessment/Post Assessment Cube Students have the opportunity to use the cube to
-Argue for or Against
-Associate -Over come text problems
-Build background knowledge
-Determine Background knowledge -Maintaining purpose
-Build Comprehension -Evaluation
-Demonstrate learning
-Extend reading experience
-Retention Inventory of Reading Interests Study System Vocabulary Lesson Three Level Guide Critical Thinking Paradigm Content Area Reading Interests Idea Bank
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