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Mesoamerican & Andean Trade Routes

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Brienne Tajima

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Mesoamerican & Andean Trade Routes

Central America
Guatemala and Belize
Extended to Caribbean Islands
Mesoamerica (cont.)
Humans and the Environment
Mesoamerica (cont.)
Humans and the Environment (cont.)
Andean Civilizations
Trade Routes
Mesoamerican and Andean
Trade Routes
Trade Routes
Cool climate
Maize, squashes, chili peppers, and cotton
Traded cochineal, cacao, vanilla, animal skins and feathers, obsidian and other minerals, salt, fish, and shells
Sedentary agriculture

Large road system
Roads through Quito and Colombia, and Bolivia, Santiago, and Argentina
Used llamas, waterways, and bridges
Andean Civilizations (cont.)
Humans and the Environment
Regions of Peru
Changed environment through projects
How They're Important
By: Emily Pacheco, Idalia Soto, Brienne Tajima, Angelina Wardle
Mesoamerican and Andean trade routes spread goods and ideas

Helped link future trade routes
New creations
Cultural developments
Political systems
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