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New Appraisal System

New Appraisal System

Irshad Sheikh

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of New Appraisal System

Presented By, After Hours Install Leads New Appraisal System The existing system What has changed? Half Yearly Review and Annual Appraisal. Proposed System Monthly Review and Annual Appraisal Some Identified Issues Unaware of performance till end of year

Standard appraisal parameters for all skill sets.

No performance matrix

Skill based rating only. Some Benefits Monthly performance check and Goal Settings

Performance matrix Separate appraisal parameters for different skill levels

Skill and Productivity Based rating

All New Work Flow Implementation Specialist
Sr. Implementation Specialist
Implementation Specialist - eEHX
Sr. Implementation Specialist - eEHX
Release Management Appraisal Work Flow Employee Self Appraisal Appraisal Discussion When?
First week of the appraisal cycle.

Employee will rate themselves on Employee Self Appraisal Sheet.

ESS When?
Once Employee Appraisal Form is completely filled by employee.

Team Lead rates employees while justifying his rating.

ESS Appraisal Due Employee Rating HR Uploads the Appraisal Form

Notification in ESS to Employee and Team Lead. Accept Reject Accept or Reject HR Employee Team Lead / Manager Final Review Annual Appraisal : Payroll release payment in the next pay cycle. Questions Performance Appraisal: Goes to HR Record.
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