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Globalisation and Cultural Dilution

multimedia presentation

Xu Min

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Globalisation and Cultural Dilution

What is my culture?
I would define my culture by what country I am descended from because I have been influenced by the qualities in the society that is regarded as excellent in arts, hospitality, scholarly pursuit, etc. I feel like my culture is more the town I come from and how my life has been influenced by friends, family and the environment.

Define globalization:
“The tendency of investment funds and businesses to move beyond domestic and national markets to other markets around the globe thereby increases the interconnectedness of different markets.”

Dictionary.com(2010).Globalization.[Internet]http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Globalization [access on 26April 2010]
What is my culture?
I would define my culture by what country I am descended from because I have been influenced by the qualities in the society that is regarded as excellent in arts, hospitality, scholarly pursuit, etc. I feel like my culture is more the town I come from and how my life has been influenced by friends, family and the environment.
1.Effect of globalization on food culture –Singapore
Hainanese Chicken rice, Roti Prata.

Singapore is a culture diverse city and therefore different races are commonly seen such as Chinese Malays, Indians, Eurasians, and Caucasians. Many immigrants migrated to Singapore in early 20th Century, they brought along their food culture and integrated local ingredient such as chili and pandan leaf into their cooking, and this gave birth to dishes such as Hainanese chicken rice, chili crab as well as Curry fish head. Various Multinational companies (MNC) had also stepped up to set up their business in local, there are lots of cuisines are readily and widely available in Singapore.
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http://www.streetdirectory.com/restaurants/singapore/reviews/image-11743791020350-chu_kee_chili_crab.php [access on 26 April 2010]
Chicken rice Chilli crab Curry fish head Roti Prata 2.What are the effects of globalization on language?-Losing Our World’s language

“Every 14 days a language die”. In year 2100, there will be more than 7,000 languages spoken on Earth. However, many of them have not yet been recorded and may eventually disappear. Many of the languages were replaced by English as English is often seen as the world’s globally recognized language of commercial activities and communication, progressively more countries in the world will adopt it as a second language. On top of this, majority of the parents would encouraged their children grow up learning the dominant language instead of their ancestral ones.

With the use of Internet, we can reverse this trend by archive languages on the Web. In fact, more and more people are turning to Internet resources when they learn foreign languages. This will help to promote awareness of the languages and encourage people to learn them.
Here's a photo of a coffee shop in Germany covered with signs written in English Reference:
Yahoo answers (2010). What are the effects of globalization on language?[Interent].http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080429181602AAv0Dcz[access on 25 April 2010)

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3.Effect of globalization on Immigrant-Music
Immigrants always bring part of their culture to the place they immigrate to, and therefore enrich the local culture. This is the same for music as musicians bring along songs of their mother country to another place, and this provides a room for creativity to create new fusion sounds that was previously unheard of. Their multicultural environment with constant influx of immigrants from all over the world influenced metropolitan cities such as Barcelona, New York, London or even Berlin.

Beside language, music is a common language by which unites people from all over the world. This will help to propagate one‘s original culture. With globalization musician seek inspiration from all over the world. For example, American R&B pop group 4PM, adopted their hit single Sukiyaki from the Japanese folk song.
Reference: Anne-Sophie Haack(2006).The Effects of Globalisation on Music.[Internet] http://www.orangelog.eu/en/events/m100/words/view/article/72/11/ [access on 26 April 2010]

Chadwick (2010).Film Noir Festival Returns To The Egyptian Theatre.[Internet].http://www.amoeba.com/blog/2010/03/index.html [access on 26 April 2010]
4.Effect of globalization on people’s thinking -woman in china

Globalization has raised the status of women in China. Greatly marginalized in the past, Chinese women today have assumed roles in society as a result of globalization. Globalization promoted women’s rights in the Chinese society, allowing previously domesticated women to walk out of their shadow and contribute to the stability and prosperity of the society. These changes within the modern globalization process created more opportunities for women to excel in different platforms and also enhance their quality of life. More and more women are taking up positions of chief executives, politicians and even fighter plane pilot!

Jiang Yu is the current Foreign Ministry Spokesperson for the People's Republic of China.

Female fighter pilot

Reference: Wikipedia (2010) Globalization and women in China.[Interenet] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impact_of_globalization_on_women_in_China [access on 26 April 2010]

5.Effect of globalization on traditional activity- Christian cultural heritage
Christmas is one of the most famous festivals in the world. In China, Hong Kong and Macau are both special administrative region and the authorities designate Christmas as a public holiday on December 25. In the pass, both Hong Kong and Macau were colonies of Western powers with (nominal) Christian cultural heritage. However, Christmas is not an official public holiday in China mainland. As time goes on, the world became a global village.

By the influence of globalization, Christmas has now become a festival occasion for an increasing number of Chinese as well. People decorate their houses with dazzling Christmas lights and Christmas tree. Later on, Christmas festive turn to be commercialize, as more and more Christmas decorations, signs, and other symbolic items have increasingly produce and sell in the market. Therefore, commercial Christmas is also a part of retail marketing schemes.
Christmas song A Christmas tree is displayed in front of the National Stadium, commonly called the "Bird's Nest" stadium in Beijing

About.com(2010). Chinese Culture Blog [Internet] http://chineseculture.about.com/b/2008/12/25/yes-virginia-atheist-china-celebrates-christmas.htm[Access on 27 April 2010]
How does my research illustrate the idea of interconnectedness?
In my point of view, the idea of interconnectedness is to interconnect the quality and condition in the society. Through the research, I realized that culture is one of the factors that led to globalization. Globalization often regard to the process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a global communication and trade cooperation. There are lots of examples demonstrating the link between globalisation and culture in this presentation and it is essential to know that how does globalisation benefit towards the societies. The end...
Thank you for watching my presentation,
have a nice day.
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