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consumer producer decomposer

No description

Delisle Leslie

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of consumer producer decomposer

consumer : Tasmanian Devil
consumer producer decomposer
T-devils eat animals they hunt living creatures or they scavenge for dead animals . They teeth are so strong that it often bites the bones and eat the inside for its taste .
what they eat
The tasmanian devil is eaten mainly by fairly large birds . Either the birds eat sick or baby devils . Or they attack from behind . Not many creatures would try to attack a full grown t-devil.
what eats them
It eats unwanted carcasses from dead animals . It also eats away the unwanted boness of a dead organism.
helping hand
Mold is a decomposer . It breaks down other dead organisms like trees or rabbits . Mold is mostly found on things that have something inside it that has ground grown items . Like for example , bread has wheat in it from th ground .
Microbes get in food causing it to mold . Also, when animals die the mold breaks their bodies down and uses the nutrients from them .
what it decomposes
the only consumer of mold is enzyme . Only other decomposers are known to decompose other decomposers .
Does Anything Eat mold

It breaks down dead bodie so we don't have dead animals sll around . Also , it makes better soil for plants to grow in .
how it helps
decomposer : mold
producer : pitcher
a carnivorous plant that eats flies and small animals. Its mouth is shaped like a trumpet's bell and a pitcher . They are found in South West of America. They mostly live in bogs
mammals that live completely in the island of Tasmania in Australia . It is a consumer because it eats dead and alive animals . Consumers eat animal that are alive or once alive .
What they eat
Pitchers eat any organism that falls in its mouth . Mainly they eat insects . Sometimes frogs stick on the walls of the neck . Then , eats bugs that come near the plants mouth . If he makes a wrong move he will be eaten
what eats the trumpet pitcher
I have not found information on any living creature that EATS this plant .
How it helps us
These plants eat the bad insects that always pester us . They limit the amount of bugs in its area .
By : Delisle Leslie 6.4 Mr.DeJesus
examples decomposers
example consumer
tasmanian tiger
bald eagle
Example of producer
cherry tree
venus fly trap
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