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Orientation: Academics

No description

Katie Clair

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of Orientation: Academics

International Student Orientation
Academics & Student Panel
Your studies are your main reason for being here. Make them your priority!
Banty says…
Academics at Trinity
1. You are having trouble in a class that you need for your major. You need to get at least a B. An exam is coming up that is worth a large portion of your grade. On top of this, you have a lot of extracurricular activities and you don’t have a lot of time to study. You need help. What can you do?

A. It’s an in class exam. You peek at your friend’s exam and take some of your answers from that. Your friend is really great at this subject and they wouldn’t mind you taking their answers.

B. It’s an in class exam. You text your friend who took the class earlier. They help you out and give you some of the answers.

C. It’s a take home exam. You need help so you ask one of your friends to work on it with you. Your professor didn’t say that you could do that.

D. It’s a take home exam. You’re tired and you search on Google for some help and you are able to find some of the answers online. You write those answers on your test.
Academic Case Studies
Resources for Books
2. You have a 10 page paper due in a couple days and you haven’t started yet. You are stressed out and all of your other classes have quizzes and exams this week so you don’t have a lot of time to write the paper. What can you do?

A. Take some of the paper from an essay that you found online. The professor won’t know that you did it.

B. Ask your friend to read their paper to get some ideas on what to write. Take some of their thoughts and use it for your paper.

C. Work on the paper with a friend who is also taking the class. The professor didn’t say that you couldn’t do that.

Academic Case Studies
Includes plagiarism, fabrication, deception and cheating.
Plagiarism = using the thoughts or words of another person without authorization or attribution. Representing the work of someone else as your own.
Fabrication = making up data and using this in academic work
Deception = providing false information to an instructor
Cheating = giving or obtaining assistance with academic work without permission to do so.
Can lead to a suspension or even expulsion, which can affect your ability to gain a visa to return to the United States or get a green card in the future.

Academic Dishonesty
What are the classes like?
What are the professors like? What are their expectations of their students?
What are the best resources on campus to help you succeed academically?
What are your tips on studying? Writing papers? Exams?
How are academics different here at Trinity and in the US than home?
Where should you buy books?

Trinity Bookstore
Amazon (new & used books, rentals)
Chegg.com (renting textbooks)
Ebay (discounted used textbooks)

Academic Dishonesty is often a result of poor time management and taking shortcuts. Remember that most often taking a shortcut is not the right way to proceed.
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