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Boardmasters, Spain

No description

Annie Prosser

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Boardmasters, Spain

Three Levels of the Product

Drivers of Globalization
Local Forces
Cultural Factors
Why Spain?
Stakeholders Analysis
Adapted from Doole & Lowe (2012)
World spending on travel and sport tourism is increasing by 24.8% by 2017, sport consumption is driving economic gain (Mintel, 2012)
Adventure travelers globally represent a significant and growing market, worth some US$89 billion annually (Euromonitor, 2011)
Western Europe fastest rate of real growth regionally since 2011 (Euromonitor, 2014c)

Effect of the Russia - Ukraine crisis threatens the Eurozone
Terrorism threats can impact events

The buying and selling of goods in the EU is governed by national contract laws (ec.europa.eu, 2015)
EU Labour Law - covers working conditions and informing and consulting workers (ec.europa.eu, 2015)

Facebook is the most used social media site for adventure travelers with 34.3% using it (Euromontior, 2011)
Video-sharing websites like YouTube also play an important role by providing both inspiration to aspirants and practical instruction (Euromonitor, 2014b)
Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are fundamentally changing the way people interact with one another (Euromonitor, 2014b)
Temperatures continue to rise as human activities continue to create large quantities of greenhouse gases.
Climate change
Increasingly erratic weather patterns and rising sea levels will be one of the largest threats to populations over the next five years and beyond. (Euromonitor, 2014b)
European environmental policy
Energy Efficiency Directive 2012, framework promoting energy efficiency across the EU. (Committee on Climate change 2014)
Global Forces
Fuerteventura is part of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa
Environmental Scan
Elections every 4 years, change in parliament members may cause change of policies (Euromonitor, 2015)
2015 general election and is likely to negatively impact Spain’s political stability ranking (Euromonitor 2014)
Long-standing separatist movements between Basque and Catalonia region (Euromonitor 2014)
Both political and economic uncertainty are at their highest level for years in Spain (Euromonitor 2014)

Recession continues (Euromonitor 2013)
High unemployment rates in Spain (Euromonitor, 2009)
Increase consumer spending forecasted in Spain (Euromonitor, 2015)
Spain is the fourth largest eurozone economy with a total GDP of €1.0 trillion in 2013 and accounted for 10.7% of the bloc’s total GDP (Euromonitor 2014)

Surfing is a popular activity in coastal areas in Spain, particularly popular amongst teens (Euromonitor 2013)
Value for money has become the primary concern for Spanish consumers (Euromonitor, 2013)
Hanging out at the beach remains a very inexpensive way of socialising for many teens in coastal areas. (Euromonitor 2013)
Most Spanish towns host annual festivals, particularly during the summer months (Euromonitor, 2013)
Spaniards have more time to devote to their hobbies or take up a new sport due to high unemployment rates (Euromonitor, 2014b)

More and more Spanish hotels and beaches are offering Wi-Fi and with the penetration of 4G in Spain continuing to improve (ecommercenews.eu, 2014)
Daily deal websites like Groupon are popular in Spain (Euromonitor, 2013)
12 million smartphones sold in 2012 in Spain. (Euromonitor, 2013)

Local regulations on noise pollution and disturbance caused by festivals (Defra.gov.uk, 2011)
Strong and unpredictable waves in Canary islands (Gov UK 2015)
Hot weather climate in summer months in Spain (BBC Weather, 2014)

Spain has a standard value-added tax (VAT) rate of 21.0% in 2014
The legal age for drinking and purchasing alcohol is 18 as of 2014 (Gov UK, 2015)
Local laws relating to late night restrictions and music licenses
No Visa is required due to working within EU Trading Block
There are strict controls on drinking alcohol in public places like beaches (Gov UK, 2015)

Cultural Factors
Cornwall, UK
Collectivist culture
Normative country
Hofstede, 2015
In different cultures the use of communication techniques varies, which effects the way people live and interact with each other and other cultures.
Spain is a high-context culture.
An attractive market

No visa requirements.

Spanish people like to live in the moment

Spanish culture love a fiesta

Community driven

Unemployment in spain has fuelled participation in surfing

Fuerteventura is a top surfing destination

Market Access:
Spain is part of the EU:
No VISA requirements
Standard rules and regulations
Business Context
Teguise Surf Festival
Lanzarote - San Juan in Famara - known as the “European Hawaii”
(100KM from Fuerteventura)
Organised by:
La Santa Surf ProCentre WITH
La Santa Surf Company
Teguise town centre

What’s on?
150 competitors inc. juniors
More focused on surfing not music
Tapas, concerts & charity runs.

last year November 14 -16th 2014

Roots Surf Festival
Santander, Spain
(2,396 KM from Fuerteventura)
What’s on?
Surf, live music, yoga, workshops & much more
No emphasis on competitions

last year November 14 -16th 2014

€399 incl. accommodation
Canarias Surf Film Festival
Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife, La Palma, Gran Canaria
23rd of October - 30th November
Stakeholder Map
Market and Organisation Readiness Statement
What’s on?
Surfing, bodyboarding, windsurfing, skateboarding
Short films, photography exhibitions, musical performances, and special guests.
Surf parties each night
Salinas International Longboard
Surfing festival
Salinas, Spain
(2386km from Fuerteventura)
What’s on?
Longboard competitions, surfing, concerts and bars, kid-friendly games
24th - 28th July
Arona Summer Festival
Playa de las Américas, Tenerife
(364km from Fuertaventura)
What’s on?
Day Music Festival
7th of August
Summer ticket - €30
Premium ticket - €45
VIP ticket - €70 (including drinks)
Fuerteventura is "a surf mecca and the home to some of the best waves in Europe" (Trip Advisor, 2015)
Communication & Information:
Internet channels such as YouTube and Social Media make surfing more exciting by creating a buzz.
To be Entertained, Captivated, Thrilled.
Exhibit live performances that you won't see in everyday life or at other events
Beach Location
Style & Fashion
Festival Features
National Surfing Brands
National Radio Sponsor
National Surfers Charities
Surfer Style
Festival Style
Relaxed casual fashion
BMX Tournament
Surfing Competitons
Skateboard Competiton
Food & Drinks
Shopping Village
Local Bars for parties
Surfing zones
VIP Areas
Alternative Stage
Chill out zone
Dance Music
Headline Main Stage
VIP Extra
Surfing and Surf tourism are practiced in nearly 120 countries (Mintel, 2012)
Surf Tourists are usually between 18-34 years old (Mintel, 2012)
An increased desire for “experiential” consumption (Euromonitor, 2014b)
Consumers want something with a little more adrenalin. (Euromonitor, 2014b)
Many young people are living at home and delaying marriage (Euromonitor, 2014b)

“Managers are advised to give serious thought to their stakeholders and how each is to be managed” (D, Getz 2005)
Customer Care
Well known A-list performers
High level competitors
Fuerteventura is one of the best surfing locations in the world
Ticket Offices
Social Media
Potential Product
Quiksilver surf school
More competitions
Link between UK and Spain festival
Elimination of other options
Overall Statement for rationale of selected statement
Market Entry Strategy
Selling abroad domestically developed and produced goods and services.
'Movement of Natural Persons' - Provider of service crosses border.
Strategic Alliance with the Quiksiler Surf school
Consumption abroad by marketing to consumers of the UK event
Cross-boarder trade

Commercial Presence

Adequate resources; financial, human and physical

Well-known, leading sponsors

Already established event in the UK

High tourism in Fuerteventura

Low competitive environment

Hot spot surf location

Surfing is a popular leisure activity in Fuerteventura

High unemployment rate
VIP bar with exclusive VIP bar line up
Access to Afterparties
Entry to beach sessions
Fast track entry
Free VIP Merchandising
Access to camp in the VIP camping area
Private showers in camping area
Vison Nine
Bands & DJs
Service Providers (food/drink/merchandise)
Marketing/Sales teams
Local Businesses
Local Authority
Host Community
Emergency Services
Event Management System (Getz, 2005)
The International Marketing of Service
Customer Requirements:
Surfers have the same worldwide taste in music, fashion, lifestyle and sport.
Music genre appreciated world wide
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Event Management System (Getz, 2005)
Social Involvement
Unique Event in a Unique Environment
Resource Availability
Event Management System (Getz, 2005)
Internal Organisation
Human Resources
Political Support
Financial Resources
Financial Statistics
100,000 people attending each year
Boardmasters have been running since 2005
In 2014, raised £30million for local economy
Management Team
Staff and Volunteers
Influences governments
Creates volunteering opportunities
Educates communities
Challenges industry
Promotes scientific, economic and health evidence
Informs the general public
Financial Resources
Human Resources
Political Support
'90% are from local community'
This is unsuitable because we want to maintain control over the event without passing it on to a third party.
Can operate efficiently from the UK. No need for additional offices.
Bars and venues in the local area for after parties
The Beach
Traders for supplies
Cash Prizes and World League Points
Skilled surfers and skateboarders can win money and league points in more than 10 different competitions across the event
Event Management System (Getz, 2005)
Armstrong, G. Kotler, P. (2014). Principles of Marketing. 5th ed. Harlow: Pearson Education Limited. 250.

BBC Weather, (2012). Spain. [online] Weather. Available at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/features/18037397 [Accessed 4 Mar. 2015].

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defra.gov.uk, (2011). Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control. [online] Industrial emissions. Available at: http://www.defra.gov.uk/industrial-emissions/eu-international/ippc/ [Accessed 4 Mar. 2015].

Euromonitor (2009) Spotlighting Central, Eastern & Western European consumers 2009 Retrieved 3 March 2015 Euromonitor Passport Database

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Doole, I. and Lowe, R. (2012). International Marketing Strategy. 6th ed. Hampshire: Cengage Learning EMEA.
-Windsurfing & Kiteboarding World Cup 2014
-Fuertemusica 2014
(Armstrong, G., Kotler P. 2014)
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