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Moon Lesson for 4th Grade

Mr. Van Gorder

Brian Van Gorder

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of Moon Lesson for 4th Grade

Think Spring The Moon Looney Lunar Fact The moon is These changes are called phases, which is the part of the moon that you can see from earth, or is LIT. Does the shape of the moon really change?

How do you think the moon is lit? The moon is lit by the sun! Over the course of the month
the moon's changes can be seen.
They look like this: Looney lunar fact:
The moon's phase cycle
is 28 days In this phase, the moon cannot be seen. new moon Waxing Crescent A sliver of the moon
reflects light First Quarter Waxing Gibbous The moon is now 3/4 lit "Once in a blue moon" A blue moon is an old term that means
every once and a while, or rarely.

A blue moon is when there are 2 full moons in one month.

This only happens every 3-4 years!!

The last blue moon happened on March 1, March 30, 2010.
The next one will be on August 2, August 31, 2012. Harvest Moon The Harvest Moon is the
full moon that occurs
closest to the
beginning of the Fall season. What is the surface of the Moon like? The surface of the moon has about two inches of dust. It probably feels pretty soft.
Look at this astronaut's footprint! Gravity on the Moon The moon is 1/4 the size of Earth, so the moon's gravity is much less than the earth's gravity.

If you weigh 100 pounds on earth you would weigh 16.7 pounds on the Moon. What do you know about the Moon? 221,250 miles from Earth Moon Phases The Moon changes shape through the month.

When the moon looks like it is growing, it is

When the moon looks like it is shrinking, it is WAXING. waning. Full Moon The whole moon can be seen. Waning Gibbous 3/4 of the moon is lit. Third Quarter Half of the moon can be seen. Waning Crescent A sliver of the moon can be seen. Half of the moon is lit. Native Americans and the Moon The Native Americans had a name for each moon season. These moon seasons were like our months. They measured time. The Moon cycle has 28 days making 13 months
The names of the different moons are:
Moon of Popping Trees
Baby Bear Moon
Maple Sugar Moon
Frog Moon
Budding Moon
Strawberry Moon
Moon When Acorus Appears
Moon of Wild Rice
Moose-Calling Moon
Moon of Falling Leaves
Moon When Deer Drop Horns
Moon When Wolves Run Together
Big Moon
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