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Against Obsolescence:

No description

Chesa Caparas

on 7 June 2014

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Transcript of Against Obsolescence:

How can I integrate International Human Rights curriculum into my courses in a way that is

1) Scalable: adaptable to different levels of English Composition, and

2) Sustainable: continually relevant so as to keep students engaged?
My Question
Self -> World

Sustaining Human Rights Education in the Digital Age
Against Obsolescence:
What does their relationship to that object tell them about themselves?
What does that object tell them about the world in which they live?
Must be student-centered
Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
1) Provide multiple means of representation

2) Provide multiple means of action and expression

3) Provide multiple means of engagement
Grounding Course Content
Artifact: an object made by a human, typically an item of cultural or historical interest
Letter to Elderly Relative
Assignment #1:
--Defamiliarizes social networks students often take for granted

--Forces them to think about their audience

--Invites close analysis of an aspect of their daily lives
(pre-transfer level)
Assignment #2:

Mix Tape
(1A: transfer level)
--students think outside the box
--gives them the opportunity to share what they love
--scaffolding for the research process in 1B
Assignment #3:
Research Project
(1B: transfer level)
Citizen journalism
Education and distractedness
How does this all connect?
Freedom of expression
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