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E.E Cummings Timeline

No description

Evelyn Yu

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of E.E Cummings Timeline

E.E Cummings Timeline

-Went to Harvard University
In 1917, E.E. Cummings was arrested in France because he was suspected of espionage and undesirable activities.
He was in France working in an ambulance during World War 1.
Published works
Prizes/Awards and Honors
Death of E.E Cummings
Where: Cambridge, Massachusetts
When: October 14
- Published many plays, poems and earned many awards several years after graduation
Marriages and Divorces
First wife: Elaine Orr
Had a child in 1919 (Nancy), married on March 19, 1924.
Divorced about a year after.

Second Wife: Anne Minnerly Barton
Married on May 1, 1929. Anne got a Mexican divorce in 1932 that was recognized in the US in August 1934.

Third Wife: Marion Morehouse
Had a common law marriage until death (met in 1932)
Throughout his life, E.E Cummings published many books and pieces of work.
Tulips and Chimneys--1923, was his first collection of poems published

The Enormous Room--- 1922

50 poems-- 1940

i-six nonlectues-- 1953

95 poems-- 1958
Bollingen Prize-1957

Dial Award-- 1925

Fellowship of American Academy-- 1950

Boston Arts Festival-- 1957

Harriet Monroe Prize-- 1950
E.E Cummings was awarded many prizes and honor throughout his life.
E.E Cummings died on September 31st, 1962 at the age of 67.

He died on Joy Farm, in North Conway, New Hampshire
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