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ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin

Battulga Bold

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of ninja Assassin

this game going to be play in consoles because its easier to play in contrroler than keyboard.
Basic Aim
the story takes place in canada death forest because there is high officer hiding so the main character get misson to eliminate him

Settings and look,feel
the game of the genre will be action-adventure and survial
Male 18+ because you will see a lot of blood and violant aslo strong english
The Ninja Assassin get contract from somebody to eliminate some higher ups once he done the mission he needs to come back to the homebase to report to the your boss however while he ran way from the enemy territory he injured his left arm also lost his equipments so he went to hiding in the forest so he has to survive in order to get out of the enemy territory and come back home safely.
eliminate the enemy and has to survive.
Ninja Assassin
For my concept art
for my concept art i have use a hero machine in order to create my character
i am going to use 3D for the graphic
Control Method
The game i have created going to be played PS4 because the the gaming controller are easier than keyboard.
Making Concept art
for my concept art i have used photo shop in order to duplicate my character and i put background for my concept art aslo i have used crop tools in order to cut white backgrounds.
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