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race a myth or not prezi

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Joshua Lee

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of race a myth or not prezi

Is Race a Myth or not? Sources 1% different from each other. Dr Alan R. Templeton, professor of biology in Arts and Sciences at Washington University wrote "Human Races: A Genetic and Evolutionary Perspective". Here's some facts to help you think no such thing as race in the english language until 1508 in a poem by William Duncar its not that race isnt real. im saying that its more racism than race. only one race. Human race http://www.pbs.org/race/000_About/002_04-background-01-10.htm But the DNA sequences studied by Rosenberg and his colleagues are not genes. Known by geneticists as "microsatellite short tandem repeats" (and more colloquially as "junk DNA"), they do not code for proteins, but just sit there taking up space in our DNA. Mutations in DNA sequences that don't code for anything are not affected by natural and sexual selection. They are neither selected for nor against but are simply passed down, generation to generation. Comparing these accumulated mutation patterns can provide clues to ancient population movements. But they have no effect on physical traits such as skin color or hair form or blood type. We are only 0.1% different from each other.
That means that we are 99.9% alike from each other!! Our Phenotype looks different from others in different regions but the Genotype of us humans are the same. The word "Race" wasn't even a word used back then, until it was mentioned in a poem by William Duncar in 1508. Even so what William meant by the word Race as in a "Race of Kings". Meaning the generation of Kings. Only one race,
The HUMAN RACE Well race (as in human standards) are just a way for us to define ourselves from others. As in ohh.. you know that guy who is like White kinda chubby.. this type of race does not exist. In Chapter 6.1, it teaches that HUMAN DNA is organized into two sets of 23 chromosomes.
It didnt say black people, white people, or brown people chromosomes, It said HUMAN chromosomes, Well its true that some people's Chromosomes are messed up and had missing chromosomes.
and yes.. that can affect the phenotype or the genotype. but think does it really make that person less of a human? Race by human social standard is just a way for us to define us from each other. Basically we judge who we are by our skin color. The Human variation is basically continuous,
so it is impossible to actually say where one race starts and ends. There is not one characteristic, trait, or gene that distinguishes us all from others members of the so called race. Race?: Debunking a Scientific Myth, by Ian Tattersall and Rob DeSalle, and Race and the Genetic Revolution: Science, Myth, and Culture, edited by Sheldon Krimsky and Kathleen Sloan. okay lets say this, if there is such thing as race,
then if a white person gets a brown tan, does it mean that he/she is a Mexican, Salvadorian etc etc.. If an African American mates with a white person, then has a African American child with straight hair and the White child with poofy/springy hair (afro) what kind of race would they fall into? In this website it says that race isn't real, its more racism than race.
http://www.pbs.org/race/000_About/002_04-background-01-10.htm Our Skin color depends on where we have been, how long we've been in the sun, and what kinds of food we eat. SO IN THE END
IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT... WELL.. HERES THE NOTES AND SOURCE OF WHERE WE GOT OUR INFOMARTION.. http://raceandgenomics.ssrc.org/Lewontin/ http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/evolution/does-race-exist.html http://kenanmalik.wordpress.com/2012/03/04/why-both-sides-are-wrong-in-the-race-debate/ The distinguished evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne, who possesses impeccable liberal and anti-racist credentials, took umbrage at the review. ‘If that’s the consensus’, he snorted, then ‘I am an outlier’. Coyne insists that ‘human races exist in the sense that biologists apply the term to animals’. The equally distinguished biological anthropologist Jonathan Marks responded with what he himself described as a ‘rant’ against Coyne. ‘I have really had it with anti-intellectualism masquerading as biological science’, Marks fumed, claiming that Coyne ’isn’t interested’ in what anthropologists have learnt about human population differences and comparing Coyne’s view on race with that of Creationists on evolution. http://www.iol.co.za/scitech/technology/scientists-prove-that-race-does-not-exist-1.98270 http://newsreel.org/transcripts/race1.htm http://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/are-there-human-races/ http://www.asc.upenn.edu/usr/ogandy/C45405%20resources/McCann%20race%20human%20genome.pdf The recent completion of a map of the human genome has been described as one
of the most important and significant scientific developments in history.
Advances in molecular genetics and the biosciences not only offer new possibilities for human biological intervention; they also have the potential radically to
transform the ways in which we come to construct what it is to be human. Our
‘Race’ and the Human Genome Project:
constructions of scientific legitimacy
Discourse & Society
Copyright © 2004
SAGE Publications
(London, Thousand Oaks,
CA and New Delhi)
Vol 15(4): 409–432
0957926504043707notions of self, personhood and identity will increasingly be shaped by the knowledge this research disseminates about the genetic bases of human behaviour (Novas and Rose, 2002).
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