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Spiderman Prezi

No description

John Huth

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Spiderman Prezi

History of
Spider-Man Superheroes are people too. Obstacles to Ethical Reasoning Rationalization
Situationalism Civil War Dilemma: Peter Parker is friends with Harry Osborn The ethical study of the structures of personal experience and perception.
Phenomenology tries to create conditions for the objective study of topics regarded as subjective.
Teenage angst
Phenomenology is not
Phenomenology is a systematic reflection that attempts to determine the crucial structures of experiences. Phenomenology In 1962, Marvel comics and head writer Stan Lee got the inspiration for Spider-Man when he saw a spider climbing up a wall.
Lee, in collaboration with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, came up with Spider-Man's iconic webbed costume and basic back story. Norman Osborn is the father of Harry Osborn Egocentric Spider-Man Symbiote is more powerful than Regular Spider-Man. The Black Suit was causing Peter Parker to do evil, but because the Black Suit made him more powerful, Peter Parker refused to take off the suit. Eventually, Symbiote turned into Venom when Spider-Man came to realization as to how harmful the suit could be. The Green Goblin Norman Osborn has become a villain and threatens citizens lives Green Goblin almost kills Mary Jane. Spiderman can sympathize with Green Goblin because it was a science related accident Rationalizing -Is an attempt to use (seemingly) logical arguments to justify unethical behaviors. Egocentrism Only viewing a situation from your own
perspective; thinking of what would only
be helpful or good for you in a given

Egocentrism can come back to haunt you.
In Peter's case, his selfishness inadvertentlly
caused the death of his uncle. Purity Vs Impurity When evaluating the purity in utilitarian ethics,
one is basically evaluating the ratio of happiness
to suffering in any given scenario Utilitarian ethics Situational ethics 1960s
Episcopal priest Joseph Fletcher
At times moral principles can be ignored in some instances if it better serves love.
The issue resulted in being one of Marvel's highest selling comics
Spider-Man's immense popularity gained him his own solo series in 1963, titled "The Amazing Spider-Man" After disasterous events, all superheroes are
required to register with the government. Example: When Peter Parker let the robber go.
This action gave him unintended, terrible
consequences. Is concerned with maintaining a moral character by reflecting virtue and avoiding vice. Virtue Ethics A Vicious Person = knows what is virtuous, but, allows their vicious desires to dictate their action. A Virtuous Person =does NOT have vicious desires. They invariably operate in a virtuous manner. An Incontinent Person = understands what is virtuous, but vicious acts and desires pervade their actions. A Continent Person = posses vicious desires but curbs them thus they behave in a virtuous manner. Too Much or Too Little of any Characteristic
Can Turn Any Virtue into Vice VICE Virtue VICE Too little Too much Just right Balance and Symmetry
and Virtue Carnage Uncle Ben Doctor Octopus Green Goblin almost destroys the school
This splits all superheroes into "pro-governm-
ent" agents (Iron Man), or fugitives on the run
(Captain America). Spiderman sides with Iron Man initially, revealing his identity, but after he sees the depravity of the government, he joins the resistance. This brings up the issue of the amount of power that heroes should be allowed to have.
Yes power should be kept in check, but likewise he government should not have absolute power, or as Captian American put it, "Super heroes need to stay above [politics] or Washington starts telling us who the super-villans are." Anthropocentrism Asserts that Homo sapiens are most noteworthy species on earth.
View a situation from only what is beneficial to human beings. Using Animals for human gain
Can it back fire? Spider-Man: Ethics and New York's Favorite Superhero Comically Heroic THE END Spider-Man was first introduced in Marvel's "Amazing Fantasy", issue #15, in August of 1962 any
questions? References
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