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Stem cells

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 23 May 2017

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Transcript of Stem cells

To know what stem cells are
To know the source of stem cells
To be aware of the related debate
What do these have in common?
5 merits
Stem cells
During the development of a baby, most of the babies cells become one type of cell. They cannot later change to become a different type of cell.
But early in a pregnancy, babies contain a special type of cell called
stem cells.

These can grow into any type of cell found in the body.
. Stem cells can be removed from human babies that are a few days old,
for example,

from unused embryos left over from fertility treatment.
Stem cells
23rd May 2017
Here are some of the things stem cells could be used for:
making new brain cells to treat people with Parkinson’s disease
rebuilding bones and cartilage
repairing damaged immune systems
making replacement heart valves
What for?
Some say its good!
Some human embryos will be destroyed during the cloning process.
Some people think that this is murder. Others believe it is furthering our knowledge of science for the benefit of everyone.
Even though a few embryos will be destroyed, many people will be free from suffering and cured of diseases that are currently incurable.
some people think that, no matter what the benefits are of curing a disease, we should not clone embryos because destroying human life is always wrong.
Another way?
Therapeutic cloning
Find out what it is and write down your understanding of it in
The great debate
(See page 82)
You will be required
To take the position
of a:
1. Doctor
2. Parent
3. Childrens rights
4. Environmentalist
5. A religious person
6. Person with Park-
-insons disease
7. The owner of a research company
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