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Rizal at the University of Sto. Thomas

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Franc Loise Ido

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Rizal at the University of Sto. Thomas

Her Reason: If Rizal gets to learn more, the Spaniards will cut off his head.
In contrary, Paciano and Don Francisco wanted Rizal to pursue College Education.
Take note:
The Bachelor of Arts degree during Spanish times was equivalent to a high school diploma today.

Mother’s Opposition to Higher Education
Rizal’s Grades (1877-1878)
UST was under the Dominicans, rival of the Jesuits in education.
He remained loyal to Ateneo, participated in extracurricular activities and completed a course in surveying in that same school.
perito agrimensor
November 25, 1881

Philosophy and Letters during his freshman year. (1877-1878)
Why Philosophy & Letters?
1.) Don Francisco liked it.
2.) Uncertainty on what course to take up.
3.) Failure to solicit the advice of Father Ramon Pablo, Ateneo’s Rector, who was then at Mindanao.

Rizal at the University of Sto. Thomas
Extra-curricular activities in Ateneo while studying at UST:
President of the Academy of Spanish Literature
Secretary of the Academy of Natural Sciences
Secretary of the Marian Congregation

> Literary contests:
- Liceo Artistico Literario de Manila
- A La Juventud Filipina (To the Filipino Youth)
- El Consej de los Dioses (The Council of the Gods)
> Wrote one-act play:
- Junto al Pasig
> Poems:
- Abd el-Aziz y Mohama
- Al M.R.P. Pablo Ramon

Other Extra-curricular Activities
> Shifting from PHL & Letters to Medicine.
Why did Rizal Shift to Medical course?
1.) Don Pablo Ramon, Ateneo Rector, advised him to choose medicine.
2.) Rizal wanted to cure his mother’s growing blindness.

Medical Studies at UST
Scholastic Records from 1878-1882
1.) Hostility of Dominican Professors to him.
2.) Racial discrimination against Filipino students.
3.) Dissatisfaction with the method of instruction.
Reasons why Rizal performed poorly at UST:
1.) Medicine is not his vocation.
2.) Discontentment with the system of education.
3.) Distractions of youth.

Reasons Why Rizal didn’t enjoy his stay at UST:
Rizal displayed his leadership in student activism.
Indio/chongo vs kastila/bangus
Bitter hostility exist
Racial animosity

Student Activism at UST
Rizal displayed his leadership in student activism.
Indio/chongo vs kastila/bangus
Bitter hostility exist
Racial animosity

(The Comradeship)
Notable in all of his subjects.
He was the 2nd best student in a class of seven who passed the medicine course.

Finishing Medicine at UST
Humiliating treatment of brown Filipino students
Archaic method of instruction at UST
Favoritism & skin color – criteria for academic performance

(The Comradeship)
To complete his medical course in Barcelona, Spain.
To make a name for himself in the field of Journalism.
To observe and study European Society.
To prepare himself for the task of liberating the Filipinos from Spanish Tyranny.

Decision to Go to Europe
El Consejo de los Dioses
Junto al Pasig
A Filipinas
To the Filipino Youth (A La Juventud Filipina)

Important Literary Works as a University Student (UST)
Liceo Artistico Literario de Manila
Grand prize

To the Filipino Youth (A La Juventud Filipina)
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