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Aum Shinrikyo: Japanese Terrorism

No description

Danasia Lara

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of Aum Shinrikyo: Japanese Terrorism

The cult is losing members rapidly with the announcement from Russia and the loss of their leader, so this leads me to believe Aum Shinrikyo will slowly lose its title as a major terrorist group.
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Aum and Aleph
The Tokyo Subway Attack
On March 20th 1995, Aum members placed attacks using Sarin, a potent gas that attacks the nervous system, on five trains.
This attack affected more than 6,000, but killed 13.
The attack was to divert police attention from the group, which ultimately failed and lead to the arrest of Asahara
Aum Shinrikyo: Japanese Terrorism

Shoko Asahara
Aum Shinkrikyo was founded by Shoko Asahara in 1984.
Asahara has many doomsday prophecies such as a World War III and an Armageddon in 1997.
Using Buddhist principles, Shoko thought by bring about the end of the world, he could bring enlightenment to his followers.
World Responses
In January 2000, the group was placed under surveillance for three years under an anti-Aum law. Japan has increased this surveillance to 2018.
On April 5th 2016, Russia announced they were going to open a criminal case against the group and plan to confiscate literature, religious items and electronic information to find followers.
Danasia Lara
What is Terrorism?
Terrorism is using violence to reach a political or religious goal.
Terrorism involves acts of violence to individuals or a population in order to fulfill a malice objective.
Aum and Aleph is a religious terrorist group that has been known for its apocalyptic ideology in Japan.
Much of their terrorism takes form as chemical warfare.
Some weapons often used are explosives, chemical weapons, and a Russian military helicopter.
Many members are often reported to be using hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD.
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