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The Thing Around Your Neck

No description

tayla quaife

on 22 July 2014

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Transcript of The Thing Around Your Neck

The Thing Around Your Neck
The Thing Around Your Neck
The Thing Around Your Neck
The Thing Around Your Neck
African Identity
Jumping Monkey Hill
Jumping Monkey Hill
The Arrangers Of Marriage
writers discovering 'what is Africa ?'
all writers have a different story, different veiw of Africa. this shows us that Africa is not just one thing, there are many stories to tell.
"look at the people who shop here; they are the ones who immigrate and continue to act as if they are back in their countries" - Dave believes that when people come to the US they should act like Americans and leave behind their Nigerian heritage in order to 'fit in'
Cell One
Tomorrow Is Too Far
family units compare diffently in the US and Nigeria
the male child (in this story Nnamabia) is favoured because they are seen to be stronger and better than the female.
even after Nnamabias deceit he is still the favourite child
the male of the family is considered more valuable than the female as he can carry on the family name
" you wonder what, if anything, he felt about being the wrong grandson, the one who did not bear the Nnabusi name"
The Arrangers of Marriage
The Thing Around Your Neck
The American Embassy
Akunna shows the ability to exert power amd make her own decisions by leaving her uncles house when her sexually harasses her.
"you locked yourself in the bathroom until he went back upstairs, and the next morning, you left, walking the long windy road, smelling the baby fish in the lake"
the women displays agency by sacrificing her safety and choosing to not seek asylum with her husband in America, but to stay and lay flowers on her sons grave, to be with him.
"she realised she would die gladly at the hands of the man in the black hooded shirt... before she hawked Ugonna for a visa to safety"
The American Embassy
The Shivering
"they dont give out people immigrant visas anymore, unless ther person is rich by American standards, but i here people from European countries have no problems getting visas"
"many people apply for assylum visa and dont get it"
Chinendu was illegally in america
throughout the story he fears of being deported because her left s terrible heartbreak back in nigeria
" i am out of status. my visa expired three years ago"
The Shivering
Marriage/ Fidelity
The Arrangers of Marriage
Dave a Nigerian man living in America came back to Nigeria for an arranged marrige with a Nigerian woman (Chinaza) because that is what his parents wanted. Chinaza particpated in the marrige because it was what her aunt and uncle wanted
arranged marriages are uncommon in the US but are the norm in Nigeria
On Monday of Last Week
Kamara and Tobechi married in Nigeria, Tobechi went to the US and Kamara was waiting for him to say it was ready for her to come. Kamara waited 6 years in Nigeria on her own before he told her to come.
this would be an unusual marriage in the US but in Nigeria, people dont blink an eyelid at it
Cultural Differnce
A Private Experience
The Arrangers of Marriage
riot in Nigeria between the Christian and Muslim Nigerians, many people died.
whilst this was happening Muslim and Christan women helped eachother in a store to hide from the violence
"she examined the nipples and experienced the gentleness of a woman who is Hausa and Muslim"
Dave and Chinaza are both Nigerian though Dave has lived in America for a while and has chosen to adapt to their way of living without keeping any of his Nigerian traits. Chinaza does not want to abandon all Nigerian culture
"if you want to get anywhere you have to be as mainstream as possible... you have to use your English name here"
Conflict/ Violence
Cell one
teens amd young adults in Nigeria were participating in gang activity, stealing, abusing and killing other people
prisons were very violent and run coruptly
"so they pulled me out and beat me and took me to cell one"
A Private Experience
"Hausa Muslims are hacking down Igbo Christians with machetes, clubbing them with stones"
Short story
The structure of the collection
offers a range of diffenent experiences and perspectives
offers clarity to the reader
alternate geographical settings
all stories set around a similar time
geographic location, themes amd chronology are the cohesive elements
deals with real life
has realistic perspectives
historical amd geographical realism
Post Colonial Literature
Britan colonolised Nigeria in late 1800's and left in 1960
created an unatural envrionment by treating all Nigerian people as the same, when really there were many different relegions and cultures

Narrative voice
First Person
What it does
allows author to align reader with particular character creating empathy and understanding for their situation
ghosts, on monday of last week, jumping monkey hill, the american embassy, the shivering & the arrangers of marrige
" "fake drugs are horrible", i said gravely, determined to say nothing else." - ghosts, pg. 70
Second Person
What it does
similar to first person in that you allign with a particular character although the author forces you to experience as a character. you are the central character in the second person perspective

the thing around your neck & tomorrow is too far
"at night something would wrap itself around your neck, something that very nearly choked you before you fell asleep" - the thing around your neck, pg. 119
Third Person
What it does
allows you to know more than the actual characters do
omniscient - know all (this includes flash forwards and back such as the ones in a private experience)
limited omniscient - pushes you
cell one, a private experience & the headstrong historian
"her father found her exhausting, this sharp tounged, headstrong daughter who had once wrestled her brother to the ground." - the headstong historian, pg. 199
written in English though includes some Igbo and Hausa
"my mother screamed, "ekwuzikwana! dont say that," "
the use of this language creates realism and allows us to experience more
it helps us to embrace the Nigerian culture
past present and future tenses
flash-forwards in the private experience and headstong historian
historical references (past tense)
historic refercences create realsim and validity
future creates empathy and understanding
Realism vs. symbolism
more realism in the collection then there is symbolism
using events in history that actually happened e.g. the colonisation
title story - the thing around your neck
meaning unclear, ambiguous
title could perceived in a number of different ways
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
born in 1977
studied creative writing and African studies at University in America
"stories have been used to dispossess and to malign. but stories can also be used to empower, and to humanize" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Main idea
Nigerian identity
what it is to be Nigerian
not one single story can sum up Nigeria
variety of expereinces (all different stories)
cultural experiences and references
use of Nigerian language
gender perspectives
narritive voice
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