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Where She Went by Gayle Forman

A Book Report on Where She Went by Gayle Forman

Camryn Zilka

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Where She Went by Gayle Forman

Where She Went
by Gayle Forman

PowerPoint made by Camryn Zilka P.5

It's been three years since the accident when Mia's mom, dad, and brother died and she awoke from a coma. Also, when Mia broke Adam's heart and walked out of his life forever. Now, three years later, Mia is a rising star at Julliard and Adam is a HUGE rock star with headlines and a celebrity girlfriend. Than one night brings them together. They go to Mia's favorite places in the city that is her new home. They talk about why she left him and what has happened in their life since they've broken up. They end up opening their hearts to each other and make plans to see each other when Mia has concerts in Japan and Adam has concerts in London.
Interesting quote(s)
Main Character
Main Conflict
This book mostly takes place in Manhattan, New York and Brooklyn, New York.
This book happens three years after Mia and Adam break up. Mia is out of her three year term at Julliard and Adam and his band has become much more popular from where it was three years ago.
"And then Adam Wilde shows up at Carnegie Hall on the biggest night of my career, and it felt like more than a coincidence. It felt like a gift. From them. For my first recital ever, they gave me a cello. And for this one, they gave me you."
Why I picked this book?
The Author
I chose this book because I loved the book and movie,
If I Stay
. After I saw the movie and read the book,
If I Stay,
I wanted to read what happened next because the book ends in a cliffhanger right as Mia wakes up.
Gayle Forman is the author of
Where She Went
. She was born on June 5, 1970. Gayle began her career as a writer for
In 2007, she published her first young adult novel called
Sisters in Sanity
Fun Facts about the author:
She bombed her SATs, but she still did okay in life.
She's been to 64 countries.
She can bake a batch of cupcakes from scratch in less than 20 minutes.
When she was a teen she like Molly Ringwald so than she started biting her lip like Molly does, now Gayle has a permanent scar.
Background info of the book
My overall impression of this book is if you like books about romance, friendship, and love this is the book for you. I recommend this book to mostly young adults but everyone should read this book sometime in their life.
Where She Went
is a book you wouldn't want to put down. Gayle was very good at describing Adam's struggles and heartbreak without Mia in his life. There are many flashbacks telling the reader what it felt like to have Mia in his life before the break up and after. My rating from 0 to 5 (5 being the best) I would definitely give it a
Where She Went is the sequel to
If I Stay
. It was published in 2011 by Gayle Forman. If I Stay is told from Mia's point of view, but now Adam in
Where She Went
gets to tell a story from his point of view.
If I Stay trailer

I like Mia because she is pretty, nice, loyal, and is an incredible cello player. In the book she is playing at the most amazing and big arena called Carnegie Hall. In the book, she is loyal and nice to her fans, her friends at the diner, her friend, Kim, and Adam.
Mia is the one that says this quote. I chose this quote because it says what Mia thought when she heard that Adam was at her concert. The meaning of this quote is that Mia thought it was a gift from her deceased family that Adam showed up at her concert.
The main conflict of
Where She Went
is when Mia tells Adam why she left him. The reason was because she hated him. She hated him because he made her stay when she thought it would be easier to go. Then they have a huge argument about it and Mia walks away.
The resolution (the ending) is when they realize they still have feelings for each other and they should go to each others tours. Mia's is in Japan and Adam's is in London.
The theme is that there's always a second chance at love. Some examples from the book is when Mia and Adam meet at her concert after their break up three years ago and when they end up together at the end of the book.
Mia Hall
Adam Wilde
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