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The Omega Files, Short Stories.

No description

roman bernan

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of The Omega Files, Short Stories.

The monster murdered sheeps, cats and dogs.
When they arrived to Fort Augustus, Loch Ness they started to make questions to the people in Fort Augustus about if they saw some monster.
One man called Dugald said that it killed 6 of his brother´s sheep.

Archie, Dugal´s brother, told to Hawker and Jude that there were an army laboratory in the hills, but he continued talking about the monster and said that Nessie didn´t killed his sheeps because that thing broke their necks.
They started searching for the monster, for the next 4 days they went up and down loch ness in Archie´s boat.
They ever had their things with them: guns, cameras, mobile phones.

Later, they found 5 sheeps with their broken necks, they saw something big and dark but it disappeared quickly.
Then they heard some engine noises and they went to look.
They saw 8 men and talked with them, a tall army´s man told to them that go to their hotel and go to bed.

Arla doesn´t knew nothing about the army laboratory in the hills, he was frustated.
Archie gave some sheeps to them and they used the sheeps for a bait.
When they were waiting for the monster somethig moved in the water, a head and two long arms came out.
Omega File 451:
Loch Ness,Scotland
The story begin with Arla talking with Hawker and Jude about a supposed monster in the Loch Ness, Scotland.

The Omega Files, Short Stories.
That was the monster, it stood up and ran at Hawker, Jude shot him before it kill Hawker.
The tall man arrived and when he saw the dead monster started to tell everything.
The monster wasn´t nessie, was the new fighter of the army, it got away the laboratory, it was programmed to kill thing with 4 legs.
Hawker and Jude asked for the other monsters but the tall man smiled and said that he can´t answer that.
The man put their dead monster in the boat and went away up the loch.
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