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Persuasive Writing

No description

Yoo jun Ahn

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing
1)Search debatable issue
We will learn about process of a persuasive letter.

We need to persuade other people with the persuasive letters!

1) Use the internet, search debatable issues.

2) Pick a topic what you want.

3) Write a persuasive letter about the topic.

4) Evaluate others persuasive writing.
There are so many issues in a world.
Search debatable issues what you want.

-Economy -Environment

-Society -Science

-Sustainable Development

2)Pick issue
*Thesis statement*
Choose one and find topic.
Then, think about the topic.

Ex) Society
-Should U.S government monitor the internet? (Yes/No)
3)Opposite opinion
Trade your letter with your friends.

Fix and talk together about each letters.
Now! Let's write!
Two purpose of introduction

It introduces the topic to prepare the reader for what you will be writing.

It makes the reader to interested in reading.
First paragraph of the letter
It's a preview of the letter. If you read the thesis statement, you can tell the direction the essay will go.
argument & appropriate basis

supporting your introduction and to your thesis statement.
predict & rebut

finish your
letter & argument

organize your opinion

S:State your point
E:Explain your point
Y:Your link back to the main point
3.Opposite opinion
-thesis statement
-SEXY Paragraph
We are using cellphone.
But kids are need to reduce to use cellphone because it can be influence to kid's brain.
:thesis statement
You can say: computer is useless for students so it will reduce the grade, but computer can help learning and students can find information in the internet.
For the end, I said the government has to care the homeless, but from now on, government and people have to find the way together.
Not just saying whose fault.
Structure of writing
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