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Shoe-Horn Sonata Theme Analysis

No description

Ryan Estrella

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Shoe-Horn Sonata Theme Analysis

Opening Statement
Memory, Pain and Reconciliation is a central theme of the play, initially we as the audience see that after the war had ended Bridie and Shiela had not been keeping in touch despite what theyve been through thus causing them to drift apart and even causing their relationship to become rather rocky. However throughout the duration of the play we can see their relationship repair itself through recounting their experienced during the war and in Belalau and by the last scene they had completely reconciled and even deciding to actually keep in touch in the future.
Quote 1
Act 1, Scene 8: ''Don't come near me, Bridie''. [calmly] ''why did you push me away? last night and... for fifty years''? This quote from Bridie is what would trigger Shiela's most painful/shameful memory of the war to be revealed. This memory is what would cause a rift on their new found friendship and at the same time be one of the main aspects that would let them reconcile with each other.
The use of an ellipsis emphasises Bridie's feelings of confusion of not knowing the reason why Shiela is pushing her away.
Quote 2
Act 2, Scene 10: "If only I'd known - i never would have let you ... Shiela - please - let me try and help". This scene is the start of Bridie and Shiela's reconciliation with each other. The quote signifies Bridie trying to mend the bridge in their relationship.
In this scene Shiela is presented to be doing tapestry, with this, symbolism is used to represent the start of their reconciliation with each other and the mending of relationships
Quote 3
Act 2, Scene 13: "Bridie Cartwright was the best - the best nurse - the best thief - the best woman in our camp." This quote shows the relationship Bridie and Sheila have developed over the years.
This scene centres around the restoration of Bridie and Shiela's relationship, the use of repetition of the word "best", eg. the best nurse, the best thief, the best woman in our camp, emphasises Sheila's feelings towards Bridie.
Shoe-Horn Sonata Theme Analysis
Ryan Estrella
Ryan Baragga
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