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Commedia dell' Arte

No description

Lauren Forschino

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Commedia dell' Arte

Commedia dell' Arte
What is it?
Commedia dell' Arte is a non-scripted performance using masks, dance, mime, and a group of stock characters.
Style of Commedia dell' Arte
Focused on ensemble of 10 members (7 men, 3 women)
Usually about love and greed
Masks- longer the nose=less intelligence
Stock Characters- Satired stereotypes divided into 3 groups: master, servant, and lovers
Commedia Today
Improv is a popular form of theatre
Commedia has influenced many famous playwrights such as Shakespeare
Many sitcoms minic what Commedia started
3 Stooges
Looney Tunes
The Nanny
Family Matters
How did it all start?
16th century Italy
Became a way for lower class actors to perform
Translates to "comedy of craft"-meaning the craft of improvisation
Became very popular through out Europe and it has not stop
Where did it all start?
It first started with traveling groups performing on streets on temporary stages.
As it became more popular, groups would perform in court venues.
The best groups would perform in palaces and travel internationally.
Due to the all the traveling, performers needed to be well versed in lots of languages. If they weren't, they would focus on protraying comedy through the movement.
Rehearsed "gags" or stock jokes which can be added into a commedia dell'arte play or performance in order to ensure the comic action keeps pace.
Sponge Bob

Stock Characters
Il Capitano
Il Dottore
not an intellectual character
always hungry
slacks off
bottom of the food chain
Modern Characters:
Dobby the House Elf
Ja-Ja Binks
hatches schemes that rarely work out
worst messenger because he/she switches things around
tries to get money through trickery but usually fails
quick and acrobatic
not super intelligent
Modern Characters:
Bart Simpson
Bugs Bunny
barks orders at servants beneath him
coward and whimpers when master is around
attitude changes depending on who is around him
does anything for money
can be evil
Modern Characters:
Uncle Vernon

only female servant
sassy and sarcastic
big sister type to lover
little not take any gruff from master
enjoys annoying and messing with master
Modern Characters:
El Capitano
top of the food chain
intimidates people
arrogant, self-centered
likes to think he is in control
if he is challenged, he will lose his temper
deep down he is afraid of a lot
Modern Characters:
Draco Malfoy
Captain Jack Sparrow
Cowardly Lion
El Dottore
makes people believe he is an expert and professional on a subject
he will bore people with his fake knowledge
Modern Characters:
Dr. Evil
Professor Snape
very wealth
high status
miserly and miserable
he would sell his daughter if he could make money off it
he is afraid to lose his wealth because he will lose popularity
Modern Characters:
Mr. Burns
sons and daughters of wealthy, high status people
high fashion
bubbly and breathy
will fall easily for one another
Modern Characters:
Pepe le Peu
Lady from "Lady and the Tramp"
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