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Nina H.

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Antigone

Antigone Summary Issues Current World Problems Historical Context Antigone's brother Polyneces dies in disgrace
Creon won't let her bury him
Antigone gets caught trying to bury her brother
Creon decides to execute her
Antigone commits suicide
Her soon-to-be-husband Haemon commits suicide
His mother the queen, Eurydice, commits suicide
Creon regrets his actions The greeks believed the only until the body or ashes of a person had been covered in dirt could it's spirit leave for the underworld War Wars/Rebellions Suicide Suicide Characters Antigone- main character
Ismene- Antigone's sister
Creon- king of Thebes
Haemon- Antigone's fiance
Tiresias- Blind prophet
Eurydice- Creon's wife Family/Drama Divorce rates War broke out between Athens and
Sparta and Athens forms an alliance with Thebes, the setting of the play. (431-404 BC) The First Peloponesian War Athens and Sparta agree to peace
and sign a treaty together.
(421 BC) The Thirty Year Treaty.
This was broken by Thebes (431 BC).
Starting the seconed Peloponesian war War in Afganistan Rebellions in Egypt, Syria Bombing in Gaza, Israel •The divorce rate in America for first marriage is 41%
•The divorce rate in America for second marriage is 60%
•The divorce rate in America for third marriage is 73% •Suicide Hotline
•National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
•Young Adults 20-24
•Children ages 10 to 14 — 0.9 per 100,000
•Adolescents ages 15 to 19 — 6.9 per 100,000
•Young adults ages 20 to 24 — 12.7 per 100,000 Greeks inflicted tragedy onto
their characters to make it more exciting. These usually
involved tragedy within the family. If a play was not dramatic,
then it was considered boring. There are many suicides
in this play. Suicide is worse
than death because it is someone
killing themselves because they
do not want to live. Antigone takes place right after a war Themes Glory
Family Sophocles was born not far from Athens in Colounus. Some sources indicate Lampros the musician helped cultivate Sophocles’s musical ability. Also it is said that Aeschylus is said to have helped train Sophocles in the arts of tragedy. Sources:

"death." Compton's by Britannica. 01 Aug 2011: n.p. SIRS Discoverer. Web. 13 Dec 2012. <http://discoverer.prod.sirs.com/discoweb/disco/do/article?urn=urn%3Asirs%3AUS%3BARTICLE%3BART%3B0000321456>.

"drama." Compton's by Britanica. 01 Aug 2011: n.p. SIRS Discoverer.Web. 07 Dec 2012

"Sophocles." Compton's by Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition.Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 2012. Web. 12 Dec. 2012.<http://school.eb.com/all/comptons/article-9277142>.
Tames, Richard. Step Into Ancient Greece. London: Hermes House, 2002. Print. Sophocles wrote around 123 plays during the his life, but only seven have survived in a fully these being: Ajax, Antigone, The Women of Trachis, Oedipus the King, Electra, Philoctetes and Oedipus at Colonus. For almost 50 years, Sophocles was thebest in the dramatic competitions of the city-state of Athens that took place during the religious festivals. Divorce Statistics. www.divercestatistics.org, 8 Ja 2008. Web. 13 Dec. 2012.
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