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No description

Elena Campos

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of CREATIVITY

Practice, Practice, Practice!!!
And no, I am not kidding...
Creativity Guidelines
Everyday Creativity

By Carlin Flora
Why Should We Practice Creativity?
Spark your curiosity
Gain persistence and a more positive outlook on life
Become more motivated, energetic and flexible
Have a greater sense of well-being
Enhance your relationships
Be more dynamic, conscious, observant, collaborative, brave, resilient and connected
Develop the self and experience personal growth
My Goals
Free Your Creativity
What do you think about the article?
Did anything strike you?
Was there something you disagreed with?
Is daily creativity something you would like to implement into your current life?

Reduce the adverse effects of stress
Enhance your problem solving skills
Know and understand yourself at a deeper level
Adapt more quickly to the twists and turns in life
Build self esteem
Trust your intuition
Stay present
Don't cross out (there are no mistakes)
The PROCESS is what matters, The PRODUCT is just a bonus.
Don't analyze what you have created
Remember, special talent is NOT necessary
Practice, Practice, Practice!!!
Help to clarify how you can benefit from using your creativity everyday
Demonstrate some new ways to be creative
Help to change thoughts that limit creativity
Daily creativity is possible!!! There are opportunities everywhere!
The most important thing anyone can do to improve creativity is to address unsolved dilemmas (that is where I come in!)
What is it to be Creative
Creativity is the outward expression of the self. In using our creativity, we can understand and know ourselves at a deeper level.
To be creative is to have an intimate interaction with the world around you.
It creates relationships between you and the outside world.

You must flex your creative "muscles" !!!
Practice creativity like you would practice mindfulness, patience, kindness, an instrument or yoga.
The more you practice creativity, the more easily and naturally creative expression comes to you.
The process of creation offers opportunities for the activation of healing energies that infuse the
By Elena Campos
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