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Smart Parking

ELG 4912 Final Presentation

Rob S

on 21 December 2014

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Transcript of Smart Parking

Motivation behind the project:
Reduce Time wasting
Reduce frustration
Eliminate use of tickets
Efficient use of parking lot
Improve the parking experience of customers
Parking is 1st impression of an establishment
Reduce the time from a customer’s arrival at the parking lot to when his car is parked.
Good use of the entire parking lot.
Create a system that will eliminate the necessity of tickets.
Smart Parking
Optimizing the parking lot
Presented By:
Daniel Constant
Ivan Stanisic
Robin Secord
Réginald Yoboua
Parking System Overview
Integrated System
- Ultrasonic sensors, LEDs, Microcontrollers, Electronic Displays,
Wireless connectivity
Allows drivers to find a place to park
- Quickly & Easily
Electronic Displays
- Parking availability & guidance
Efficient use of the parking lot
- Balanced or Hybrid approach
- Customizable feature based on
time of day and/or volume of traffic

H/W and S/W Design Framework and Refinement
Ticketless System Overview
Entry in parking lot
-Picture taken
-Stored in database
Exiting the parking lot
-Picture retaken
-Searching for a match
-Amount owed calculated
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Camera
Pressure Plate
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology

- Daniel Constant, Communications option
Team manager, Wireless technology implementation
- Ivan Stanisic, Systems engineering option
Parking lot design & implementation
- Robin Secord, Systems engineering option
Ticketless System
- Réginald Yoboua, Systems engineering option
Ticketless System
Getting the histogram of the image
The histogram depicts the number of pixels having a given level of intensity for each possible intensity value.
In short, this would help us determine the color of the car.
Such information would be stored with the licenses plate number as additional information.

Wireless Advantages
Wireless Implementation
Advantages of using wireless technology:
Wires amount reduce
Renovation time diminished
Easily implementable

Very popular
Command line
JSON (Javascript Object Notation)
Extra Features
Ticketless System
HD Security Cameras | HD-SDI CCTV - $260 x 2
An industrial Programmable logic controller (PLC) - $160
Pressure plate - up to 10 000 lbs - 800$
Dell Server - $422
Pressure plate is not needed if parking has a barrier with an induction sensor.
Parking system
Arduino UNO - $30/section
XBee Shield - $25/section
XBee - $45/section
Large LED displays - $80-100/each
Ultrasonic sensors - $70/each
LED - $10/each
Ticketless total: $3290*
Parking system: $42 000*
Total Cost: $45 290*

Drivers (Java, C, C++, C#, Python, etc...)
*Prices do not include tax and installation cost
Wireless Connectivity
- Easy implementation
- Small overhead cost
Design Review
- Battery Power Dilemma
- Capacity, size and cost
Alternative Design
- I²C communication protocol
- Reduced cost, complexity

How much does it cost?
Is it beneficial?
The ticketless system takes less than 2 seconds and is hassle free.
There is a better flow of traffic due to fewer vehicles aimlessly driving around looking for a parking spot
Drivers are more likely to avoid stressful situations
Customers have more time to use the facility (e.i shopping mall)
First Impressions
The parking lot is usually the first impression of the business or facility.
Rideau center is currently being renovated to look modern and appealing to society.

Why not do the same to the parking lot?
Something to Add
Sportscomplex parking
520 parking spots
1 Entry/Exit
6 floors

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