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No description

miranda lam

on 21 October 2011

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Transcript of penguins

All About Penguins
Where do they live?
What do penguins like to eat?
Why don't penguins get cold?
There are differrent types of penguins
Penguins mostly travel in large groups
A lot of penguins slide downhills on their stomach
Penguins live in Antartica some live in the North Pole
Penguins have special fur to protect them from the cold
Most penguinseat fish and squid. Penguins from the Antarctic eat krills and stone crabs.
Penguins like to eat fishes and squids. Penguins in the Antarctic eat krills and stone crabes.
This is what penguins eat
Stone crabs
Most penguins live in Antarctica
Such as...
Emperor penguins
King penguins
African penguins
Chinstrap penguin
Galapogosl penguin
Little penguins
Like this
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