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About Assassins Creed 3

it is about Assassns Creed 3

draft fall

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of About Assassins Creed 3

By Yehia Zaina
Peiod 9 About Assassins Creed 3 The Main Character is Conner Conner is a Native American. His father is a Templar trying to make order. But Conner is trying to get freedom and peace. Making them hate each other and go on separate sides. One of the other things that happened to make Conner go against his father is that his followers burned his home down. in the process having his mother burn in front of him having his mother burn to death in front of him. Main Enemies/Bosses There are five bosses. They are Haythems' (Conners dad) followers (Charles Lee , Thomas Hickey, John Pitcairn , Benjamin Church, William Johnson)and Haythem. Who you're against You are against the Redcoats and America. In the beginning he's with America. Until you he finds out that they burned his home down. Not his father. But dont think he forgives his father. He is still against him. Graphics The graphics are incredible. They have different seasons, weather, and time of day. Even when Conner's home is being burned you can see the water of his sweat. They even put in the tiniest detail. For example when they are in the cave in real time they put obsidian in certain places. You would be able to assassinate people. But it does
have story during the campaign. In every game they
have a story of something hat actually happened
this one is during the American Revolution. But in real life it's almost the end of the world (12-12-12)
and a man named Desmoned is going back in time.
He is the one doing it because his ancestors are assassins and he needs to know where all the "keys" are. It is a challnge for him because Abstergo Industries (the Templars) are hunting him ghfghfghgfhghgfhgfhhhgghghfhf fghgfhfghfgh fghfghfgfghfghgfh gfhfghfhfghf The Story Desmond His Father Sean This is Conner You can't say this is not good graphics these are the red coats Haythem Charles Lee
(he is inspired by
Haythem) This is the fire his mom burned in. John Pitcairn Thomas Hickey Benjamin Church William Johnson
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