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Who do I admire?

No description

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Who do I admire?

Who do I admire?
General Patton!!
4 star general of Patton's army. A key figure in world war two anda general with a hot-head.
Detail 1
George Smith Patton was born November 11, 1885 in San Gabriel California. As he grew up he was told stories of his ancestors and how they fought in the great wars.
Detail 2
Patton married Beatrice Aeyer who he dated at the academy. The marriage was May 26 1910. In 1912 he ran in the Stockholm Olympics in the first Modern Pentathlon. He did outstanding although it was only available to military officers.
Detail 4
Patton later became a general. He became a 4 star general for his genious strategies and his knowledge of tank warfare.
Detail 3
After the olympics, Patton went a french school and learned swordsman skills. He became a great student while attending the Mounted Service School in Fort Riley, Kansas.
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