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Food Truck Sales Pitch

No description

Emily Carroll

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Food Truck Sales Pitch

Business Description
Dine 'N' Dash
food truck will offer home style diner food, accessible to everyone. By focusing on breakfast combos along with diner favorites, it is a appealing option for everyone

There are no other food trucks in the Des Moines area, so competition will be narrowed to
Customer Analysis
The target customers are
. We believe that everybody could benefit from a food truck and will utilize the convince to their advantage
Operations Plan
Marketing Plan
The public will definitely react well to the introduction of a food truck into the city! Starting off with reasonably low prices, when the company raises
more profit
, the prices can go down even further, bringing in
more customers
Financial Plan
Financial Details
Food Truck Cost: $25,000 to be paid

Food Truck Sales Pitch
Next Exit- West Des Moines
Ownership Structure
Owner: Emily Carroll
Type of Business: Limited Partnership
Accessible to everyone
Affordable, quality food
Friendly staff and customer service
Not a set, reliable location
Possibility for bias against food trucks
Expensive start up costs
Long Term
Short Term
Create a menu that people enjoy

Bring in enough customers to pay for starting supplies

Spread the word about the food truck
Bring in enough customers to make a generous profit

If business really takes off, open a permanent location
In the end, become more popular than all diners
Main Competition
The Drake Diner
Smokey Row
Village Inn
Condition of the Economy
While not everyone can afford to buy fancy gadgets and cars, food is a necessity. The
economical prices
offered for our food allow all statuses to enjoy the items
How will the Dine 'N' Dash truck beat out the competitors?
By offering
low prices
easier access to product (food)
, we will overcome the well known restaurants to become our own food truck legend
Our recipe for success:
If we find that there is a certain age range or area of town that the truck appeals more to, we will focus our energy in those sections
Sales Forecasts
Time Open (in months)
Number of sales
We predict our sales and number of
customers to go
through the roof

after two months of steady business. This prediction will allow us to
accomplish our long term goals
Emily Carroll
Using saved money, bank loans, and small investors, begin the process by leasing a food truck and hiring a chef
After the truck and chef have arrived, purchase the necessary supplies in order for a successful start
Open for business on June 1st!
Hang up flyers around town and drive the truck as many places as possible to market the new business
Once business has taken off, continue to advertize on bigger scales and get permission to sell in parking lots of major corporations
6 Months
12 Months
18 Months
24 Months
Grand Total after 2 years of business...
Chef Salary:

Supplies Cost first 12 months:
Supplies Cost 13-24 months:
Price of each food item:
Mini waffles on a stick
Breakfast burritos and sandwiches
Hash browns
French toast
Bacon and sausage
Specialty Items
Grilled cheese and tomato soup
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Milkshake and french fries
Mac & Cheese dog
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