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Investigation of Innovation Project

No description

Ceara A

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Investigation of Innovation Project

Measurement Summative: Toilet Paper Investigation of Innovation Solve:
48 roll package = -efficiency
48 roll package + efficiency = solution Why It's Inefficient Problem Regarding Surface Area The previous packaging had flaps, which increased the amount of material. Even though it only used 12528 cm squared of material if there were no flaps, you would need 18864 cm squared of material if the flaps were on the side that had 96 cm x 33 cm as the parameters. Regarding Volume The rectangular boxes were inefficient, in that they wasted much space inside the box. The total volume of one toilet paper roll is 138.16 cm cubed, and there are 48 rolls per package. This would mean that 48 toilet paper rolls have a total volume of 59685.12 cm cubed. The total volume of the original rectangular packaging is 76032 cm cubed. 16346.88 cm cubed of space is wasted inside that box. It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, It's the Packaging! The new packaging is innovative in the way that it is a cylinder, instead of the standard rectangular prism! Cylindrical Design In the new cylindrical packaging, no space is wasted. All of the toilet paper rolls are stacked directly on top of each other. The packaging wastes no space as the sides "wrap around" the rolls. The cylinder has a circular base with an area of 113.04 cm squared; the height of the cylinder is 5.28 m. The volume of the packaging is 59685.12 cm cubed, which is exactly the volume of 48 rolls; therefore, it wastes no space! by: Adam, Ceara, and Matthew The current design of toilet paper continues to have one single major space-consuming flaw. Each box has a large amount of volume wasted, since the toilet paper roll is not in a cube shape and the box is. Therefore, the spaces in the corners of the rolls are ineffective and inefficient. If only there some other way...
*cue violin music* :D
Conclusion In conclusion, we came up with a better way to package toilet paper rolls for the Soo Soft Toilet Paper Company. Our new innovative way will give our company the edge over the competition.
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