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Fundraising Presentation

No description

Teodora Murgulet

on 8 April 2016

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Transcript of Fundraising Presentation

Fundraising Presentation
National's Café
Use National's energy boost!
Thank you!
Brainstorming ideas
School's Radio;
Animal room;
Basement renovation;
Coffee shop;
PlayStation room;
Cookies shop.
: National's Café

: National College Iași

: 18th - 22nd of April from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

: Coffee shop

: Students and teachers

: Merging a relaxed week with something both students and teachers need

: Creating a lovely and healthy place where everyone can enjoy a drink
Communication environment
: our Facebook group

- Creating a group chat to involve members of the main project;
- Creating small groups for certain aspects of the event: promoting,
design, waiters;
- Using the school's interior court.

Lack of funding options;
Meets the school's needs.
- 30 posters in the middle school section of National College;
- Facebook Page displaying details, rules and a virtual version of the accord;
- Creating a group of students who informed the target classes during breaks;
- Informing through our school’s communication system: Adservio.

- We created a Database in order to settle certain roles such as waiters, coffee makers, poster creators, cleaners etc.;
- We will have meetings in order to create bonds between teams and decide on event details.

Just in case
- If it will rain, we will use the ground floor hallway;
- If any machine breaks down, we will do our best to replace it (buy one, get someone their own or call someone to repair it).
Tasks and processes
But everything will be all right!!
- 30 posters;
- Teaser posters displaying name, date, time and our catchy motto;
- 1 type of poster also displaying bond with Erasmus+ and link to Facebook page;
- 1 type of poster displaying the menu;
- Adservio platform;
- Teachers informing their students.

Satisfy the needs of high school students and teachers;
Start a inter-school business that will help raising funds;
Adding an element of originality.
Not suitable for gymnasium;
Hard to maintain and upgrade;
Lack of resources and staff.
Working as a team;
Respecting the deadline (about 2 days before, we will go shopping and we will arrive at school at 7 a.m. to prepare the coffee);
Creating an original product for high school students;
Coordination between the cutomers and staff;
Gaining flexibility and the notion of time.
It will be a very time-consuming process;
It will be a chalange to respect strict measurements and ingredients for every assortment;
We will have little time to prepare the products;
We will have organizational problems: keeping the coffee cold/hot and the ice at a freezing temperature, keeping the work space clean, having a small space to do our job.
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