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ALgebra PRoJect

No description

alex aemmert99@yahoo.com

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of ALgebra PRoJect

4x=12 4x-5=7 8th period Vocabulary Inverse operation Reciprocal Like Terms Distributive property Solving two-step equations Use Inverse Operations add 5 to both sides The opposite operation of a given operation The fraction that is equal to the numerator flipped with the denominator Terms that are similar like
8a and 2a The operation that makes you multiply a number outside of parentheses by all of the numbers in them. Alex Emmert 4x-5=7 ___ ____ +5 +5 Now divide 4 from both sides. _______ ______ 4 4 And 12/4 equals... Yep, you know it! 3=X Solving multi-step equations 10a+5(a-3)=15 First use the distributive property 10a+5a+(-15)=15 Hint: multiply 5a and 5(-3) Now combine like terms (hint 10a and 5a are like terms) 15a+(-15)=15 lots of 15's Now add 15 to both sides 15a=30 Now divide 15 from both sides and the answer is....... a=3 Just kidding it's a=2 2 step equations when solving 2 step equations add or subtract any like terms to both sides. Then divide or multiply the remaining numbers by the number with the variable like in the next example. Multi-step equations Solving multi-step equations are a little more difficult because you have to know how to use the distributive property and how to combine like terms. First, you use the distributive property if needed. Next, combine like terms if needed. lastly solve like a two step equation. To do the distributive you multiply 5 and a. Now you might be thinking that 5 and a are not like terms and you can't combine them, but while using the distributive property you can solving equations going old school on
a chalkboard Solving equations with variables on both sides 8t+5=6t+1 First step is to get rid of a variable on one of the sides. To do that subtract the lower number from both numbers and solve like any other equation. subtract 6t from each side 2t+5=1 subtract 5 from each side 2t=(-4) Now divide 2 from each side T=(-2) Congratulations you are officially smart
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