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BL Pilot Steering Committee - Blended Learning

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Todd Pottle

on 14 February 2012

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Transcript of BL Pilot Steering Committee - Blended Learning

Blended Learning
2011-12 Goals for BL at KPR

Integrate D2L into the regular classes of current eLearning teachers

Utilize D2L as a platform for the delivery of advanced placement programming to Grade 12 students at one secondary school (five teachers, four programs – Grade 12 University Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and English)

Pilot the delivery of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course, OLC4O, through Blended Learning using D2L

Pilot D2L for Blended Learning in 18 Geography classes (Grades 7, 8, and 9)… Teachers to be paired within each grade (3 pairs per grade)… Each pair to select a single module within their respective eLearning course (e.g., two Gr. 7 teachers select “Physical Systems”)
Success Indicators

Level of student satisfaction, engagement, learning, and achievement as indicated by survey results

• understanding of the operation, navigation, features, and functions of D2L
• understanding of the expectations, norms, and etiquette surrounding eLearning participation
• understanding of D2L advancements and other integrative tools (e.g., ePortfolio, audio utility, mobile learning, video integration, etc.)

Student Blended Learning achievement rates (as compared to traditional forms of instruction)

Anecdotal notes based on observations and conversations

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