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Apple has revolutionized the world by advancing the music industry, computer industry, and how the world communicates


on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Apple

How Apple revolutionized the world. Apple Thesis Statement Apple has revolutionized the world by advancing the music industry and worldwide communication. The Music Industry Worldwide Communications In 2001, Apple made its first iPod which held up to 1000 songs. The good looks and ability to easily use it made this iPod stand out from other music players made at the time. In April 2003, Apple released an online music store called iTunes. iTunes was a big hit selling one million songs in its first week and 25 million by December (9 months). According to Max Blau, "iTunes stood out among the early online music retailers... [iTunes was] the first online distribute to secure deals with all four major corporate record labels (Universal, Sony, Warner Music Group and EMI), iTunes effectively legitimized digital music sales..." The Apple classic was sold in September of 2007. This iPod had a colored screen and touch-sensitive scroll wheel and much more memory than previous iPods. The fifth-generation iPod nano had a wide variety of color choices. It included a camera, FM radio, and had a smaller overall size making it easier to carry. September 2009 Overall, Apple has changed the music industry in many ways. Apple made it easier to buy music, store music, and listen to music. With the invention of iTunes, people were able to buy songs without having to buy a CD. Also, iTunes allowed the costumer to buy single songs instead of having to buy the whole album. The iPod allowed someone to store whatever songs they bought onto their iPod and take it with them. With all these inventions, people could listen to whatever kind of music the wanted, whenever they wanted, and wherever they were. With the invention of the iPhone, the ways that people communicate have advanced in many ways from what it used to be like. The iPhone allowed people to have conversations through text without having character limits. Another way that the iPhone advanced worldwide communication is through social media sites. With the release of the App Store, apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. were able to be downloaded onto peoples phones. People could then communicate and share things online with each other on a phone instead of a computer. In the iPhone 4, Apple added a feature called "FaceTime". With FaceTime, people could video call others from different locations, as long as both had Wi-Fi, and be able to see each other as if in real life. iTunes stood out because:
legally sold songs
had lots of songs that people wanted
was a fairly decent price
was able to sell single songs instead of whole albums
was easy to access from a computer Apple greatly changed how the world communicates. They created different ways to communicate with a phone. FaceTime allowed someone to be able to see another through video. Another advancement Apple made was making the App Store. With the App Store users could buy apps off their phone including social media sites. Through social media sites they could communicate and share things with each other.
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