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Immigration Problems Solutions

No description

Dejon Brice

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Immigration Problems Solutions

Immigration Problems& Solutions
One issue that faces the immigration problem, is that, there are such things as having a limited amount of resources and overpopulation. And these two difficulties, is being can be out weighed by the migration immigrants.
A country can only produce and give so much for and to it's people
One nation cannot give to a person what that nation doesn't have or cant afford.
The laws and regulations, it
requires to become
a citizen in this country, at times may seem a bit
So, with all these issues? Are there any
possible solutions?
As as nation we have to tighten our laws regulations for citizenship and naturalization.
Our country's data and census numbers, should be more often compared to the numbers of space, money, land, and food and resources within the country.
As a culture, a country and society we need to change the way we think about other and different peoples.
Our thoughts, feelings and opinions about the immigrating people are closed minded, simple and "American. "
When you educate and open someone's eyes,
to something new, you can change people's views
on immigration.
Education with in the schools, so
our students can have a better understanding that this country was built upon the backs and blood of immigrants and strangers
Another solutions can be, that we as Americans
should return to our motto's of
Land of Free and Equal Opportunity
, Give Me Your Tired and Poor, etc.
So, are there many problems and issues facing the Immigration crisis, absolutely, but little by little
each person has the power to become a solution to these many problems, but simply assessing the facts and numbers and by opening their mind to the new, strange and different.

A challenge for immigration is how difficult is it for people with families or kids, to suddenly move more than one person and have the resources and funds to keep them healthy and together.
And when it comes to the idea of family,
do we really expect a foreign person to learn,
our entire history and ways of life,
in given time.
Another huge stick in the mud,
and this somewhat on behalf of the
The problem of the government and immigration
, is that there is not enough motoring on the people who have this thing called "

As a nation, we must know or have a close sense
how many
people we have, and is that number growing or shrieking. And who is doing the
on these people...(on all peoples).
And when it comes to the rules
and ways of citizenship and naturalization..
The Temporary Protected Status or TPS, provides people fleeing from their country safety. This status extends to people in El Salvador, Guinea, Haiti, Honduras, Liberia, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Syria.
• Naturalization testing is an oral test given to immigrants seeking a green card in America.
• The test is based on the knowledge of U.S. history and government.

• The test does nothing to prepare them on how to integrate into society
Immigration needs better backgrounds checks on people
Price of admission...
In order to preregister it costs children three hundred eighty dollars and adults four hundred sixty five.

Most people trying to flee a country do not have much money to begin with. Even though this is a low amount of money, most people seeking protection do not have that amount of money to give.

Classes and job fairs should be implemented
in the process of becoming a citizen.
Not only are learning the culture,
you are learning the skills and tools ,
you will need.
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