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The Censor by Luisa Valenzuela

No description

Nina Gogic

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of The Censor by Luisa Valenzuela

Grew up surrounded by the the giants of Argentina's literary world
"I wrote them in cafes reacting to the generalized paranoia and fear, and thinking that I should write in illegible handwriting so that no one could read over my shoulder... writing about it, unfortunately, does not stop the horror" (964).

(Elements of Literature textbook)
Biography: Luisa Valenzuela
Plot Structures
- Juan gets the address of
Major Conflict
Juan fights to get his letter back to prevent the government from censoring it.
Juan writes a letter to Mariana in Paris. He fights to intercept his letter to prevent
it from being censored by the government.
by Jess and Nina
The Censor by Luisa Valenzuela
Rising Action
- Juan writes and
sends the letter.
- Juan needs his letter
- Juan finds his letter after
becoming a censor.
Falling Action
- Juan censors his own letter.
- The government executes Juan.
Point of View:
The story is told using "he" making it 3rd person. The reader only knows so much and is not all knowing.
Example 1

Example 2
1974- Argentina fell under a fascist military dictatorship

"Working under threat of censorship, suppression, and violence, she felt responsible as a writer to record what was happening" (964).
3rd Person Limited
Juan turned into the very thing he hated and fought against in be beginning, a censor.
"Well, you've got to beat them to the punch...sabotage the machinery"
"His basket for censored letters became the best fed" (968).
"There's nothing to stop them from going as far as that obscure Paris neighborhood, kidnapping Mariana,...certain of having fulfilled their
mission" (967).
Example 3
Juan consciously kills himself.
"Naturally, he censored it without regret. And just as naturally, he couldn't stop them from executing him the following morning" (968).
Kidnapping possible innocent women becomes a "noble" act.
Don't let ambition misguide
you from your goals or value
Juan looses himself.
He becomes obsessed with getting ahead as a censor.
He forgets his original plan.
Man vs. Society
When something happens that is opposite of what is expected
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