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Experiment 2: Testing for Proteins With Biuret Solution

No description

Laura Marie

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Experiment 2: Testing for Proteins With Biuret Solution

Experiment 2: Testing for Proteins With Biuret Solution
Foods we are using:

Orange Juice
Breakfast Bar

1. Mix small amounts of food with water in various test tubes.
2. Add 40 drops of each mixture into its own test tube.
3. Add 3 drops of Biuret solution to each tube.
4. Shake the tube gently. Let it sit for up to 30 minutes. Note the color.
5. Note any color change. Protein will turn the solution from blue to pinkish purple. This is because Biuret reagent reacts with the peptide bonds in the protein, forming a purple-colored complex (it reacts with nitrogen and oxygen).
While we are waiting...
Experiment #1 Revisited
Foods Hypothesis/Prediction Observations Results

Experiment #2:
Observations and Results
Foods Hypothesis/Prediction Observations Result
Predict which foods will be high in protein and which will be low in protein.
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