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Savy Study Skills

No description

Alise Clouser

on 11 January 2014

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Transcript of Savy Study Skills

More Good Stuff
Saavy Study Skills
TRiO Scholars UCR
Main Ideas
Teach Me How To Study!!!
UPward Bound
Chaffey Community College
UC Riverside
TRiO Scholars
Procrastinating when you should be studying?
Don't know what or how to study?
Have no fear the TRiO Saavy Study Skills Prezi is here!

Time Management
Your Learning Style
The Basics of Studying
More Study Tips
By Alise L. Clouser
1. Record what you need to do!
2. Plan out a schedule
3. DO IT!
4. Review and go over your work

Study in shorter blocks of time and take breaks in between...
15-20 minute chunks
DON'T Procrastinate!... Do things earlier so you don't get STRESSED!
Most people have a learning style in which they learn best. Finding out how you learn will help you learn your best way to study.
Q: How would you remember a cute guy or girls # if your cell was dead and you didn't have a pen?
A. You repeat it outloud

B. You picture it in your head
C. You write/ trace on your hand with your finger
If you choose B you might be an auditory learner...
If you choose A you might be a visual learner...
If you choose C you are probably a Kinesthetic learner...
Find a place that is quiet with good lighting it should have all the things you need in order to study
Note if it's too cold or warm you won't be able to concentrate
Tip play background music only if it doesn't distract you
Hint: school or public libraries are also good places to study
If you study at home don't study on your bed or in your bedroom.

Ms. Alise Clouser, Director
alise.clouser @ucr.edu
Thank You
1. Manage Your Time
2. Know your Learning Style
3. Study for your Learning Style
This Presentation was created for

Taking notes Cornell method
use two thirds of the paper to write notes down, either an example an important detail etc... use the other one third to draw diagrams or label key points

Taking Cornell Notes
TIP: Focus on listening more than writing notes

Hint: use initials or previous shins and put them in point form obviously ride out everything on the board if there is one

library books

Note: for internet research be sure to check if its trustworthy. Make sure that the person or organization behind it is reliable,
free of the best as much as possible and up to date
How to find information sources
Test Taking Tips
Note last minute cramming does not work
Getting a good night's sleep or relax and recharge your brain
Eat breakfast
During a test pay attention to the time
Always remember to read all directions
Make sure that your writing is legible
Bring a calculator if you can
Show all your work
You may get partial credit if you at least white something
Usually go with your first instinct
there you have it all of our tips on studying hopefully they'll be able to help you improve your studying and test taking remember these skills will be useful throughout your life

Remember to make sure you understand all of the information on your notes completely.
Review regularly re-write and re-word notes.
Connect new ideas with things you already know.
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