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The Dilmun Civilization


Tariq Rogers

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of The Dilmun Civilization

The Dilmun are places such as Oman, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi or The Gulf. As for Mesopotamia was originally places like Babylon Iraq and Iran and so on. Both these civilizations worked together and traded and collided their businesses. Mesopotamia is sometimes known as the Cradle of Civilization because of all it's water! Mesopotamia and The Dilmun
Civilization Structure's and Buildings Artifacts Did you know? The Mesopotamians and Dilmuns built structures such as homes and villages and Kingdoms made of pure sandstone, marble and other elements found in mines dug up. Many of the temples built were for Ancient Kings and Gods of religions before Islam. Business The Mesopotamians and Dilmuns did business together. They traded and made other companies that continued to today. Sure, some discontinued but the discontinued ones would be sorted into the minority-group. The Mesopotamians and Dilmun crafted objects to make their life easier. They made arrow-heads and daggers as weapons for hunting for food, they created jewelry and clothes to cover then fashion their bodies. And now we use some of these same materials for similar reasons. A civilization is someplace or some places filed with life such as buildings, homes,people, animals etc. To me the Dilmun were civilized because of their process and how they handle things. A civilization is also normally made out of one culture with similar people.
The Mesopotamians and Dilmun traded and did business together. Another connection they share is they had similar cultures.
This island(Bahrain) was a good place to live because it was easy to work in and since it's an island people can travel by ship and ship things over here. Ancient Legends Some legends the Mesopatamians told were epic. One of the most famous was of a great ruler. They told of Gilgamesh and his fantastic quests and battles against beasts! The Epic of Gilgamesh Gilgamesh was an ancient Mesopotamian Emperor. no one knows whether he is real or not though he was in legends such as this one. You could also consider him as the Mesopotamian Alexander the Great for he conquered many lands. Gilgamesh didn't only want to rule... he wanted eternal power and immortality. So he set out on the greatest journey of all legends. He battled mythical creatures untill he sought what this quest was for. Though he died before he was close. He even wasted his best warriors because of this foolish act. Did you know?
One of Gilgamesh's Warrior's were only at his service for the hand of the princess of Mesopotami(Gilgamesh's daughter). The Mesopotamians drank water from the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. for a while ancient Mesopotamia was known for those rivers. Many people gathered at the Ur which was the junction of the 2 great rivers. They are in the Fertile Crescent. That is a crescent-shape that formed in Mesopotamia.
The Sumerians and Babylonians built 'Ziggurats' which are significant structers with the appearance of temples. They were made because in some citizen's beliefs the Gods would arise. Fun Facts!
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