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How to care for a library book!

This is a follow-up activity to reinforce book care skills.

beth pfleger

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of How to care for a library book!

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How to Care for a Book
Standing on a Book
Using clean hands
Keeping Your Book
in a Safe Place
Turning the Pages quickly

Writing in
Your Book
Eating or Drinking
Near Your Book
Using a Bookmark instead
of folding the pages
Leaving Your Book Outside
Leaving your book
near Your dog
(or little brother or sister)
Putting Stickers
in Your Book
Reading Together with
Family or Friends
Letting someone borrow
your library book.
Tearing the Pages
Crumpling or wrinkling
the pages in your book
Carrying your book closed and with both hands

Do pigeons know how to take care of books?
Flipping or tossing
your book in the air.
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