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Tehran Conference

No description

Jordan Lo

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of Tehran Conference

Tehran Conference
Elizabeth Rayco and Jordan Lo
Wanted the Soviet Union's support to defeat Germany
Agreed that Soviets could dominate Eastern Europe
Wanted to expand operations in the Mediterranean
Operation Overlord: divert troops to another area
British Prime Minister Winston Churchill
Wanted the Soviet Union to help with defeating Germany
Agreed that Soviets could dominate Eastern Europe
Attempted to negotiate with Stalin
Wanted citizens of republics to vote to join Soviet Union
U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Tehran, Iran
The Tehran Conference
Dominated the Tehran Conference with his demands
Wanted to change Polish border
Pressed them to invade northern France and launched offensive on Germany's eastern front
Wanted to execute 50-100,000 German soldiers to prevent future war
Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin
Between November 28-December 1, 1943
Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill coordinated their military strategy against Germany and Japan and made important decisions concerning post World War 2 era.
Results of the Tehran Conference
Roosevelt secured many of his objectives during the Conference.
The Soviet Union had committed to joining the war against Japan and expressed support for Roosevelt’s plans for the United Nations
The three leaders issued a “Declaration of the Three Powers Regarding Iran.”
Department of State

GCSE History
The Declaration issued...
Yugoslavia will be supported by supplies, equipment, and commando operations.
The Soviet Union will protect Turkey if Bulgaria declared war on Turkey.
The Soviet forces would launch an offensive at about the same time with the object of preventing the German forces from transferring from the Eastern to the Western Front.
The Three Powers will overlook Europe
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