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Blackstone Granite & Marble: Business Plan

No description

Samuel Goncalves

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Blackstone Granite & Marble: Business Plan

Company Description

Industry Analysis

Company Description

Company Description

Business Plan

Samuel Goncalves
Ivan Hernandez
Aaron Lau

Industry Analysis
Market Analysis

Marketing Plan

Development Plan

Financial Projections
Operations Plan
Blackstone Granite specializes in fabrication of kitchens, BBQs, bathroom counter tops.
We also fabricate unique mantles, hearths and surround for fireplaces.
We work with granite, marble, quartz, travertine and other natural stones.
Being family owned and operated allows us to provide a more personalized remodeling experience to our customers.
Custom countertop fabrication, shower walls, custom mantles & hearths.

Staying competitive with going market rates helps us close more projects.

Our shop is located in Vista, CA within 3 miles of slab yards.

Two of the best forms of promotion for our company is word-of-mouth and our website. Designers & General Contractors are also great sources of leads.

Operations Plan
Operations Model & Procedure
Meeting Our Customers
Product Selection

Transportation of Materials

Frabrication of Materials

Delivery and Instalation
General Assumptions
Interest in maintaining homes will continue into the future.
Remodeling industry will continue to grow.
Economy is beginning to recover.
Balance Sheet
$41,044.84: Net Income after taxes for 2014 fiscal year.
$95,000 loan, & 19,000 from equity.
$35,000 (2005 Ford F250 & 2010 Toyota Prius)
$60,000 (Purchase Husky Gantry Bridge Saw & Installation Cost)
Ratio Analysis
Return on Assets
Return on Sales
Current Ratio
Any Questions?
Remodeling Industry
$48.9 Billion
Expected growth 5.3%
Long Term Prospects
The percent of homeowners is projected to increase to about 67.3% in 2018.
Industry recovery will be driven by improvements in employment and per capita disposable income.
Key Success Factors
Housing Industry
Mortgage rates
Homeownership rate
Avg. household $96,084

• Male and female homeowners
• $75,000 >
• Have kids
• Middle to upper class
• Ages between 40 to 65
They care about the appearance of their homes
Shop at middle to high-profile retail establishments.
• Professionals: business owners, engineers, middle management, government employees, retired.

San Diego County
Homeowners are unsatisfied with the look of their home.

Investors want to increase the value of their home prior to putting it in the market.
We fabricate counter tops, mantles, shower walls at affordable prices giving homeowners and investors the look and added value they're seeking.
Industry Structure
Highly fragmented
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