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Forest Food Web

No description

hareen lalria

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Forest Food Web

Forest Food Web
Every plant goes through the process of photosynthesis. The reason for this process is to create food for the plants. First, it absorbs carbon dioxide, then it absorbs water and sunlight to create a type of sugar for the plant.
Without Grass in a ecosystem,all Herbivores,Carnivores and Omnivores would be dead.
Grass has a pretty tough job. It has to provide food for herbivores so that carnivores have something to eat.

-Natural disturbances

First thing on my food web is Grass, Grass is probably one of the most important thing apart of a ecosystem, besides the sun. To begin with, Grass is a producer.
On my food web, the Grasshopper comes next after grass since it is a consumer.
A Grasshoppers job or role in a ecosystem is to provide it's droppings. It's droppings provide nutrients for plants, it acts like a fertilizer.
Grasshoppers eat Grass. It has predators like rodents,Rabbits, lizards,frogs and much more.

A mouse is a Primary consumer.
It is also a herbivore, Which means It does not eat any meat.
A mouse eats thing's like: Plants,Insects,Fruit and nuts.
A mouse has alot of predators!
About any carnivore and omnivore will eat a mouse when given or seen.
A mouse's job in an ecosystem would be to give its predators food. Also to eat natural grains that grow. If a mouse was not part of an ecosystem it causes its predators to die and grains would grow out of control.

A Rabbit is a Mammal.
Since a Rabbit is a Herbivore and a primary consumer, It eats Grass,forbs,weeds and many more things.A Rabbit gets eaten by: some types of Birds,Foxes,weasels,Big cats,exc.

A Rabbits Job/role in a ecosystem is to eat Plants and A prey for many different animals.

A Lizard is a primary consumer and also own as an Insectivore,which means they only eat Insects like: beetles, ants, flies, grasshoppers, preying mantis and much more.
A Lizard is a prey for Hawks, owls, eagles and weasels.

Humans are a threat to a lizard because they use lizards to make purses and shoes, which is unnecessary because its not like we absolutely need purses made out of lizards. Its just something that people want not need.
A Lizards job is to Control the Insect population.

Many people think a Snake is on top of a food web or food chain but, in fact it's not. A snake has many different predators. This is a threat to a Snake because it threats the survival of snakes in many ecosystems.

A Snakes job is to eat its preys because it needs to control its preys from over populating.
A snake is a secondary consumer.
A snake is a carnivore as well.
It eats things like: rodents,Birds,Lizards and some large and small mammals. Snakes are eaten by Hawks, Vultures, Eagles, weasels,foxes and badgers.
The Hawk
On my food web, The Hawk is on top. This is because since the Hawk is a bird, It is easy for a Hawk to fly away from its predators.A Hawk is a secondary consumer and also is a carnivore.
-A Hawk eats:rodents
-some insects
- small mammals
and many more........
A Hawk's job/role in a ecosystem is to eat/control its prey's population.

predators are a threat to mice because mice have alot of predators so therefore, If mice were not in a ecosystem everything would not function right.

The Sun
The Sun is super important to an ecosystem because nothing could get accomplished without it. The sun gives nutrients to the grass, the grass feeds herbivores , herbivores feed carnivores and some carnivores feed omnivores. Therefore, if the Sun was not apart of the ecosystem, EVERYTHING IS DIED.
Biggest threat
The Biggest threat to my food web are Humans. This because everyone of my animals threats are Humans. Humans have a big impact on animals because we use animals for basically everything. Humans use animals for food, clothes, purses, shoes, unnecessary things that we don't need.
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Bacteria is a decomposer. A decomposer is something that helps break down the animal when it is died.
Once the animal breaks down, the nutrients of the
animal goes into the soil which helps plants to
grow. Bacteria is very important part of an ecosystem.
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