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No description

Zanen-storm Samoa

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of BASEBALL

Fielding Pitching Baseball By Zanen Storm Samoa Step 1: Pitching The pitcher is the person on the field that throws the ball to strike out the batter. If you don't know what the batter is then we will get to that later.What the pitcher is trying to do is strike out the batter so the other team can't score points. But pitching is also the hardest job on the baseball field. A pitcher could throw over a variety of different pichest such as the usual fastball, curveball,change up,slider,knuckle,split finger and a whole lot more. The fielders are the players that catch the baseball and make the plays that help the pitcher to get out of tough innings.Other than the pitcher there are eight other positions.Three out fielders and the rest are all infielders. Basic Instuctions:
-Three outs per inning
-nine innings in a game
-nine positions/batters
-must be wearing all equipment during play Step Three:
Hitting Step:Two Fielding When hitting batters must be aware of every pitch. When a pitch is released and the ball is not in the strike zone then you don't need to swing,that pitch will be a ball. A batter gets four balls and three strikes to either get a hit,walk,and strikeout. If a batter hits the ball out of the park then its a home run. If the bases are loaded and the batter hits a home run the thats a grand slam. In order to score a batter must run aroud three bases without getting tagged by the defensive players. Hitting The Championship In the world series multiple games are being played as the top two teams from the country go head to head in a baseball world series game.The winner of this game will be crowned the champ of Major League Baseball.
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