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Tanerica Radford

No description

tanerica radford

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Tanerica Radford

Tanerica Radford
Fall 2014 Intern

A brand new experience
Approaching my last semester of college and beginning my first internship

Choosing to intern at a News Station as RTF student.
Learning Process
During the process I learned to the ability to create a stand, what a stand is, and how it applies to a news package
Being an Rtf student I was not familiar with the process of putting together a package or the terms used in the news room.
I am proud to say that I know what a VOSOT, VO, AND SOT what they are all used for and although I may take a few days,I've learned the packaging process.

As the weeks progressed, I learned the ability to edit, the structure of producing, running the teleprompter, the correct way to write hard news, and some of the duties that are carried out at the assignment desk
I have had the ability to listen to so many encouraging words and journeys to get to many positions on the way out to capture stories with the reporters


As an intern I had the ability to go out with different reporters and photographers and learn their style of shooting and reporting.
I learned as a reporter you have the ability to express your creativity by telling a story. With this your are able to deliver important information and make it interesting.
I have sat in production meetings and learned what may be valuable information and what may not be
I have had the best experience at the station on and off camera and below are some of my experiences.

While these experiences were wonderful the amount of things that I learned were even more amazing and it has led me to the ability to create my first story.
-video reel

Dear KTRK ABC 13,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and supervision this semester during my internship experience with KTRK ABC 13. The assistance and all of the information that I received has been amazing and the staff have been phenomenal in all aspects of the program. I will take everything that I have learned and apply it to all my future endeavors. The experience was more than I could have expected and allowed me the freedom to work with reporters, editors, and producers as a professional member of the team. Working for KTRK helped me use the knowledge I’ve acquired as a radio, television, and film college student and apply it to News. Thanks for helping me live out my dreams.

Thank you , Tanerica Radford
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