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Esperanza Rising

No description

Tessa Martz

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Esperanza Rising

Esperanza Rising
"Our land is alive, Esperanza," said Papa, taking her small hand
as they walked through the gentle slopes of the vineyard.
Papa said, " Wait a little while and the fruit will fall
into your hand. You must be patient, Esperanza."
Aguascalientes, Mexico
Esperanza's journey from Mexico to the United States.
In the year of 1918, Esperanza Ortega's journey began when she was born to a wealthy landowner, Sixto Ortega, who owned the El Rancho de las Rosas.
" Here we have two choices. To be together and miserable or to be together and happy. "
"After their Quinceaneras, they would be old enough to be courted, marry, and become las patronas, the heads of their households, rising to the positions of their mothers before them."
"She looked around and was relieved to see that compared to the desert, Los Angeles had lush palms and green grass and even though it was September, roses were still blooming in the flower beds."
"The vehicle looked like it should be hauling animals instead of people, but Esperanza had said nothing to Mama. Besides after so many days, on the train, it felt good to stretch out her legs. The old jalopy rocked and swayed as it climbed out of the San Fernando Valley, weaving through hills covered with dried-out shrubs."
San Joaquin Valley
"Last year we worked for another farm in El Centro. We lived in a tent with a dirt floor and had to carry water. We cooked outside."
" Esperanza didn't say what she really thought, that what Mama really needed was Abuelita. Because if sadness was making Mama sicker, then maybe some happiness would make her better."
La Familia
"Mama walked into the cabin, her skin covered with an eerie brown chalkiness, and her hair dusted."

"...their clothes stiff and brown, all of them coughing and clearing their throats. Theirs faces were so encrusted with dry dirt that they reminded Esperanza of cracked pottery."
" 'How can they send all of them back?' Asked Hortensia. 'Repatriation,' said Marta's aunt. '...the immigration authorities round up people who cause problems and check their papers. If they are not in order, or if they do not happen to have their papers with them, the immigration officials send them back to Mexico. We have heard that they sent people whose families have lived her for generations, those who are citizens and have never been to Mexico.' "
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