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Colloquium Presentation

No description

Anna Valkov

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Colloquium Presentation

Max Higbee Center Basics and Culture Fundraising Strategies Max Higbee provides recreation programs for teens and adults with developmental disabilities.
Weekend Drop-In Program
Community Access Program
SPIN Dances

Overall Culture April Brews Day:
Makes up over 1/3 of general budget
Successful for 12 years
Time consuming but rewarding
Pre-sale Tickets

Diversification of Funding
Less reliance on April Brews Day
United Way community impact fund
Grant writer
Private donations
Member dues Challenges:
Diversify funding
Taking over leadership as the executive director

happiness from clients
praise from community
growth of awareness around MHC Kara Kepple, Tina Pham,Christina Woeck, Lauren Calabro
Hannah Wiesner, Anna Valkov Mission Statement vs. Vision Statement Our programs vary in when and where they operate, but strive to reach three common goals:
•To provide opportunities for personal enjoyment and enrichment through a diverse range of leisure activities.
•To promote the social, physical, cognitive and emotional growth and development of participants.
•To assist participants to acheive greater independence in their lives

The Max Higbee Community Recreation Center envisions a caring, inclusive, respectful, and thriving community where people are empowered to grow, develop, and enrich their lives through recreational activities and the relationships they create. Marketing and Communications Strategy and approach to marketing Not a huge focus
Word of mouth
Social media
Speaking events Special events markets Word of Mouth
Advertisements in local publications
Tourism Grant
$5,000 for out of town advertising Leadership and Organization Leadership Position & Roles Board
Executive Director: Hallie Hemmingsen
Program Manager: Carrie Bieber Max Higbee Center & the Community Bellingham Parks and Rec
Healthy lifestyles
Master chefs
I heart Bellingham
Artwalk pre classess
Annual camping trip
Community Food Co-op
Lehmana’s Maytag
Bellingham Library
Improv classes
Bellingham Theatre Guild
Out of the Ashes Band
Bellingham Senior Center
Common Threads Farm Camp
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