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Divergent Book Report

By: Ryan Pinkney

Ryan Pinkney

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Divergent Book Report

Divergent Book Report By: Ryan Pinkney Setting Cont. and Characters The Factions Abnegation Dauntless Erudite Beatrice Prior Four How Setting Develops Mood Plot Setting Plot Cont. Plot and Setting Society is divided into 5 factions Beatrice choice changed her whole life The story takes place in a dystopian Chicago Main Character in the story He is the dauntless chosen initiate leader He is the antagonist in Divergent This faction is considered the selfless. This faction is considered the brave They are considered the intelligent Veronica Roth When you turn 16, you get a aptitude test revealing what faction you will be in Beatrice gets a surprising result in the aptitude test She makes a choice that startles everyone including herself Beatrice chose the opposite of what her family was in Each faction focuses on a single human virtue Erudite (the intelligent) try taking over They join forces with the Dauntless which places Tris in the middle of chaos She changed her name from Beatrice to Tris This sets of the whole book which is fighting against the Erudite Many factions are crumbled after the fight and somewhat resemble the factionless Abnegation homes Dauntless compounds Erudite headquarters The city is walled with armed guards that seem to be keeping people in the city. This creates a mood of feeling like you are trapped It also creates a atmosphere of being controlled and kept under rules It relates to the hunger games (because how they are organized into factions like the hunger games districts. Also how the capitol controls the districts like the guards control the factions.) Parents are part of the Abnegation faction but she chooses 'Dauntless' She turns out to be divergent "hence the name of the book" Divergent- Having positive results for choosing different factions (Beatrice could choose Abnegation, Erudite and Dauntless Renames herself 'Tris' while part of the Dauntless compound Tris completely changes and becomes a true dauntless In the midst of all the chaos, she finds herself falling for her leader 'four'. He is nicknamed four because he only has four fears (from Dauntless fear landscape) His real name is Tobias Eaton He is divergent like Tris although not to the extent that she is He was not Dauntless born although was ranked 1 in Dauntless initiation. He was actually Abnegation born and son of Marcus (leader of Abnegation) He also finds himself falling for Tris like Tris falls for him Peter He is originally from Candor but chose to become Dauntless He was the second best initiate but stabbed Edward in the eye to become 1. He is Tris enemy because he constantly tries to make her look bad He kidnaps Tris and tries to throw her into the river with rocks in the bottom He joins the Erudite invasion and gets shot in the arm by Tris Candor Amity Their initiation process is the easiest and no one fails it Beatrice started off in this faction but transferred into Dauntless This faction has streets that have simple grey houses They typically have the highest population of Divergent They get on and off moving trains (They also jump off buildings into their home) Their initiation process is the most complex with many failing and becoming factionless This faction has changed dramatically becoming more "stupid brave" This faction is underground in caves. It has a steep water staircase going up with no railings next to a fast flowing river Some dauntless team up with the erudite They have big headquarters with lots of floors They introduced the transmitters which could control anyone except Divergent. Caleb chooses erudite over Abnegation (Tris sister) Their initiation process is easier than Dauntless but harder than Abnegation (it is unknown) They are considered the honest faction Peter came from Candor before switching to Dauntless like many other initiates They aren't mentioned much in this book This faction is considered the peaceful Like the Candor they aren't mentioned much in this book This faction is considered the opposite of the Dauntless as they are the peaceful Themes Sacrifice for Love Friendship Growing Up One choice can change everything About The Author Veronica Roth She graduated from Northwestern university with a degree in creative writing She currently lives close to Chicago She worked on the story (now known as divergent) instead of doing her homework in University History On Divergent Veronica Roth sold the movie rights in 2012 and the movie will come out in 2014 starring Shailene Woodley The movie ends in a battle of the Erudite wanting to take over and control all the factions Genre Scientific Fiction The book is scientific fiction because this is in a made up world with mind controlling simulators etc. We can tell that the story is in a made up world hence the fiction part How the Author Develops Suspense Makes you want to turn the page (cliffhangers. etc)
He used characters to develop suspension through their roles in the book.
He chose to have this story in a dystopian society which adds suspense because we see that their are problems everywhere once we go further in depth

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